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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “how much does it cost to hire a private jet?” The simple answer is that it depends.

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One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How much does it cost to charter a private jet?” The simple answer is that it depends. Much like when you order an Uber, the cost of chartering a private jet can be affected by a number of different factors, such as the distance travelled, the size and type of aircraft used and the period you require the aircraft for.

Every journey is unique, which means there is no standard as to what a private jet charter flight may cost. However, to give you an idea, we’ve put together some example routes, based on different aircraft types, with pricing indications for private jet charter, as well as some steps you can take to make your private jet experience more cost-effective.

  1. Private jet charter cost examples
  2. What’s included in the cost of private jet charter?
  3. What’s not included?
  4. How can I get the best private jet charter price?
  5. Is there a cheaper way to charter a private jet?
  6. Talk to the experts in private jet charter

Private Jet Charter Cost Examples

Please note that all prices shown are estimates only. These example prices are intended to show an approximate cost and are not final costed quotes. Contact us for a tailored quote.

Private jet cost from New York to Philadelphia

A round trip from JFK airport to Philadelphia International Airport, in an aircraft chartered for one night, can cost between $7,700 and $10,200:

Citation Mustang, Very Light Jet – 4 Seats – $7,700

Citation II, Light Jet – 7 Seats – $9,000.00

Learjet 75, Light Jet – 8 Seats – $10,200.00

Private jet cost from San Francisco to Los Angeles

A round trip from San Francisco International airport to Los Angeles, in an aircraft chartered for two nights, can cost between $11,800 and $30,900:

Citation Mustang, Very Light Jet – 4 Seats – $11,800.00

Citation XLS, Super Light Jet – 8 Seats – $20,500.00

Challenger 300, Super Midsize Jet – 8 Seats – $30,900.00

Private jet cost from New York to London?

A round trip from Teterboro, New York to Luton airport, in an aircraft chartered for three nights, can cost between $77,000 and $140,000:

Legacy 500, Midsize Jet – 9 Seats – $77,000.00

Challenger 605, Heavy Jet – 12 Seats – $110,000.00

Global 5000, Ultra Long Range – 12 Seats – $140,000.00

What’s included in the cost of private jet charter?

It’s important to understand what’s included in your private jet charter quote. Although a reputable private jet charter company will talk you through your options and the associated costs to keep you on budget, we have provided a list of what you typically get included in the price:

Hourly rate

This is the hourly cost incurred by operating the aircraft. For short flights aboard larger jets, the operator may require a minimum charge (usually 2-3 hours).


Payable when flying over countries outside of the EU. Additionally, some airports, such as Farnborough, may require a PPR number before arrival.

Landing, handling and parking

These fees are charged by airports and depend on the weight and size of aircraft.


Included catering will vary depending on the size of aircraft and the duration of your flight. A very light jet may only be able to provide snacks and soft drinks, while a heavy jet equipped with a hot galley will more likely serve a full meal. Similarly, if your flight is short, there may not be sufficient time for a full catering service. Any specifically requested items or meals may be provided at an additional cost.

What’s Not Included?

Some costs will only apply in specific circumstances, depending on your trip:

Out of hours

Only select airports operate 24/7, although some airports may charge out of hours fees to extend their opening hours for arrivals or departures during the night. Similarly, if you need cabin crew overnight, or to stay in destination overnight, this will add to the cost. However, if we are aware of the details of your itinerary, we will include this in the price quoted.

Depositioning fees

If you need the aircraft to wait at short notice when it’s particularly busy, the aircraft may need to wait at another nearby airport until you’re ready to depart. This is rarely charged and more likely to happen during peak times – such as during the Cannes Film Festival.


This is a difficult cost to predict as it depends on day-to-day weather changes, however, some operators do offer deicing insurance to cover this cost. Alternatively, you can pay to keep the aircraft in a hangar overnight.


Depending on the operator, use of Wi-Fi and the phone on board may be included or charged according to usage, per minute/MB. Your aircraft charter consultant will be able to confirm this at time of booking.

How can I get the best private jet charter price?

Fly on weekdays rather than weekends. It’s one of the simplest ways to reduce the cost of your private charter.

Consider a turboprop over a jet for short journeys. Some turboprops can feel just like a jet, but cost up to 20% less to charter.

Charter a plane during quieter seasons. Just like flying on a weekday rather than a weekend, private jets are in less demand in low seasons, so you’re more likely to get a better deal.

Use smaller airports. Airports that aren’t as busy are likely to have lower landing and handling costs.

If you’re flying long-haul and time isn’t a factor, consider choosing an aircraft that requires a fuel stop. It may take you a little longer to reach your destination, but the cost savings can be considerable.

Take a roundtrip on the same day. Returning home on the same day can significantly reduce the overall cost, because of lower wait fees.

Downsize your aircraft where possible, as an optimally-sized aircraft will cost less to run.

Fill as many seats as possible. If you’re scheduling an executive charter flight and your aircraft can hold up to 30 people, then aim to fill the aircraft. Save overall travel costs by scheduling more people to fly at once.

Consider older aircraft. While some of our clients prefer to fly on the newest jets available, operators refurbish their older jets to a high specification and employ rigorous maintenance schedules. They cost less to charter but still provide a superb flying experience.

Is there a cheaper way to charter a private jet?

Empty legs are private jet flights with no passengers – either because they are repositioning for their next mission or returning to their home airport. Because these one-way flights take place irrespective of whether there are passengers on board, they’re often sold at a substantially reduced rate.

Empty legs are a little more last-minute and harder to plan for, especially as they are often reliant on an initial flight taking place, but rest assured you’ll receive the same exceptional service.

Talk to the Experts in Private Jet Charter

ACC Charter has over 15 years of experience in aviation, and the long-lasting relationships we’ve formed over that time allow us to secure the very best private charter rates for our clients. To find out more, call us 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, on +44 (0)1737 232 230 – or send your message to

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