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    Phil Aird-Mash

    Initially joining ACC as a Non-Executive Director, Phil moved into the role of CEO in January 2014, bringing with him a wealth of strategic and general management experience from across the leisure, travel, aviation and consumer sectors.

    With a young family, Phil loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and two daughters, but when time allows he enjoys working on his short game on the golf course or ticking off new destinations on his travel ‘wish list’.


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    Scott Collier

    Joining ACC’s leasing division, ACMI 24, back in 2012, Scott draws on his extensive experience from across all areas of the industry to deliver results, from the tour operating and airline operational and commercial sectors to running his own leasing company.

    Vocal and outgoing, Scott thrives on finding the opportunity in adversity, embracing the challenges that the more difficult leasing markets, such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, present.

    Scott’s great loves include spending time with his daughter, Fulham FC, horse racing, golf and rugby.

    He also fancies himself as a bit of a culinary artiste and, trust us on this, Scott could give David Dickinson tanning tips.


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    Jenny Kingsford

    A highly experienced charter consultant, Jenny joined ACC in 2014 as a Senior Account Manager, heading up our group charter team.

    ACC’s commercial aircraft ‘go to’ girl, Jenny has over 14 years’ experience sourcing aircraft charter solutions for a wide range of clients, including those in the military, government and automotive industry. Her extensive aviation knowledge, combined with a commitment to delivering first-class customer experiences, ensures that they come back time and again.

    A self-confessed shopaholic and cheese fiend, Jenny’s love of stilton is eclipsed only by her love for her son, George. When Mum duties allow, however, Jenny enjoys running and heading to music festivals to indulge her passion for garage music.


    • rob_pearson
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    Robert Pearson

    Originally joining as an ACMI Leasing Executive back in 2011, Rob now manages our burgeoning aircraft interiors division, ACC Interiors.

    After graduating from the University of Southampton, Rob joined the ACC team before taking some time out to travel around Southeast Asia.

    Rob’s passion for the industry and pride in nurturing the relationships with his valued clients, from MROs to airlines, has proven invaluable in growing the interiors division and he can often be found raising the company’s profile at aviation industry conferences and trade shows.

    When not travelling to various corners of the globe, however, Rob spends his weekends gracing the football pitch, whipping something up in the kitchen or attending the latest event in London.


    • malcolm_de_gamma
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    Malcolm D’Gama

    A member of ACC’s in-house Finance department since 2010, Malcolm graduated at the top of his class at university, achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Maths and Finance before becoming a qualified Chartered Management accountant. With over 7 years’ accounting experience, Malcolm thrives on the exciting challenges that working at ACC provides and has seen his role within the department evolve and grow, now leading a small team. When not spending time with his wife, Moona, and son, Dylan, Malcolm is a keen sportsman and enjoys playing squash and tennis, or nurturing his fledgling property empire. Never one to turn down a football game he is a big Liverpool FC and Crystal Palace fan and, despite his busy schedule, he finds the time to catch his teams play, socialise with friends and play the odd game of poker.


    • Nico Giordano
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    Nico Giordano


    Nico Giordano

    Joining ACC’s Italy office in 2014, Nico is a team player, who’s focused approach to problem-solving and dedication to finding the best possible solution has made him an asset to the company’s operations in mainland Europe.

    He thrives on developing strong relationships with his clients and believes that success comes from partnerships built on mutual respect and trust.

    Nico’s three greatest loves are his wife, Jessica, son, Valerio, and daughter, Veronica, and, when not spending time with his family, he enjoys playing sport, particularly football, and pretty much anything technological, from photo editing to brushing up on the latest tech trends.


    • Roula Rabbat
    Roula Rabbat


    Roula Rabbat

    Having lived in Dubai since 1996, Roula joined ACC in 2015 to establish our Middle Eastern office.

    Bringing with her almost two decades of experience within the aviation industry, working with a range of clients, from royalty and VIPs to governments and military.

    Roula specialises in working across critical zones and markets such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where her familiarity with troop and airbase supply movements, DOD/MOD and security company contracts and visa arrangements have proven invaluable.

    Fascinated by the digital industry and business world, Roula loves reading or conducting online research in her spare time and thrives on taking on new challenges.

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