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    General FAQs

    How Does Aircraft Charter Work?

    All you need to do to get started is to get in touch – but we’ve also developed an in-depth guide to private jet charter with everything you need to know.

    Do You Have to go Through Check-in and Security?

    Yes, but most of the time your check-in and security process are expedited – and you’ll more than likely be through in a matter of minutes. Where applicable, a main terminal can be used and we’ll arrange a dedicated check-in desk.

    Does ACC Own the Aircraft?

    No, we use a network of vetted and verified operators.

    Which Airports Can I Fly to? 

    Unlike a scheduled service, which can take you to and from around 500 airports globally, charter gives you access to over 5,000 airports – most of which are smaller regional airports, closer to where you need to be. 

    How Far in Advance do I Need to Book?

    While we’re available 24/7 and able to turn around in a matter of hours, we advise you to get in touch as soon as you know your travel schedule – especially if you have specific requirements.

    Group Charter FAQs

    Is There a Maximum Group Size for Aircraft Charter?

    For a single flight, the aircraft type and seating configuration will dictate the maximum size of the group – but an Airbus A380 800 in a typical three-class configuration can seat up to 525 passengers. Multiple aircraft can be chartered to accommodate groups of any size.

    What Types of Plane Do You Use for Group Aircraft Charter?

    All group charters are tailored to passenger numbers and route, and our team has access to aircraft of all sizes and types – from regional turboprops to commercial airliners. ACC’s partnership with Ethiopian Airlines gives us access to a modern fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350s – aircraft which are not generally available in the ad-hoc charter market. 

    What Catering is Available?

    The larger jets used for group charter will have the facilities to carry and prepare all kinds of meals and snacks. Catering for dietary requirements and special meals can be arranged and prepared in advance.

    Can You Put Branding On Board?

    Yes – we’re able to arrange for bespoke internal branding, livery and even branded terminals (if applicable). Talk to our group charters team for more information.

    Will There Be Someone On Hand to Oversee Flight Operations?

    Absolutely. With ACC, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and full 24/7 support, wherever you are in the world. We can also arrange for airport representatives and flight riders, on request.

    Executive Jet Charter FAQs

    How Much Does it Cost to Fly by Private Jet?

    Like any flight, it depends on when and where you’re travelling – as well as optional extras. We’ve put together a useful guide with examples of how much it costs to charter an aircraft.

    What Kind of Food Will be Served?

    You can specifically request items or meals, to be provided at an additional cost, but catering availability depends on the size of aircraft and the duration of your flight. Very light jets can only carry snacks and drinks – but an executive jet with a hot galley can serve a full meal.

    How Many Passengers Can Fly on a Private Jet?

    Anywhere from a single passenger on a very light aircraft to 17 passengers on a long-range private jet. VIP-configured airliners can also be chartered, with higher capacities and wider ranges.

    Can I Book a Seat on a Private Jet?

    We offer aircraft charter, which means renting the entire plane for your trip. So, excluding any applicable passenger taxes, the cost remains the same whether one person is flying or a group.

    Will There be a Flight Attendant?

    A flight attendant may not be necessary for every flight, particularly short flights in very light aircraft. Longer flights with larger passenger numbers would be facilitated by an attendant or crew, depending on your needs.

    Are There Restrooms On Board?

    Some aircraft configurations do have shower facilities onboard, but it’s not common. We can source specific, preferred aircraft and configurations (including those with full washroom facilities), on request.

    What Happens if I’m late for Departure?

    There are plenty of reasons to be delayed en-route to the airport – but your privately chartered aircraft and flight crew will wait for you to arrive. Just contact your account manager, so that they can liaise with the operator and make the appropriate arrangements.

    Can Children and Babies Travel on a Chartered Flight?

    Yes, of course! Under current guidelines, the use of infant carriers and child seats is optional. If travelling with pushchairs, travel cots and other children’s items, let your account manager know so that we can arrange a suitable aircraft and luggage storage.

    Are Private Jets Wheelchair Accessible?

    Yes, we cater to wheelchair users and assistance can be provided at every stage of travel. We can organise accessible ground transfers and accommodation for our charter clients, too. Just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure it’s right.

    Are Ground Transfers Included?

    Not as standard – but we can arrange for ground transport to and from your flights, and even helicopter transfers if you need to get closer, faster.

    Can I Bring Pets into the Cabin?

    Yes! One of the best perks of a private jet is that any pet can travel in the cabin with you. Just let us know, and we’ll make the arrangements.

    Do Private Jets Have WiFi Onboard?

    Yes, many of the aircraft we select do have internet access, and you can specify a WiFi-equipped flight when you charter an aircraft with us.

    Can I Smoke?

    While it’s still legal to smoke in the cabin of a private plane, we source our aircraft from multiple, global suppliers and the rules they apply to the use of their aircraft will vary. If it’s a must while you fly, then we’ll make sure we use the right supplier.

    Cargo Charter FAQs

    Do You Arrange Cargo Charter Flights?

    Yes, we source specialist cargo aircraft globally.

    How Quickly Can You Arrange a Cargo Charter Flight?

    We have a “go now” emergency response team, providing 24 hour air freight support.

    What Size of Aircraft can You Charter for Cargo Flights?

    We can arrange for dedicated cargo planes up to super transporters. In exceptional circumstances, we can source the Airbus A300-600ST Beluga. In extreme cases, we can source the heaviest aircraft in the world – the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

    Are There Any Limitations on Cargo Size?

    We have the ability to deliver small parts, vehicles or outsize cargo. Talk to us if you have an especially large or heavy payload.

    Do I Need to Make Ground Arrangements through a Freight Forwarder?

    ACC can provide a complete door-to-door service, by subcontracting any additional logistical arrangements. We can also work with your own designated freight forwarder.

    Can You Support Just-In-Time Production?

    We have a dedicated H24 team, who are available to assist with any time-critical supply chain logistics. Alternatively, we can partner with your organisation to provide robust air logistics support.

    Can’t Find an Answer? Get in Touch

    We’re available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, on +44 (0)1737 232 230 – or send your message to