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Group air charter: Solutions for all seasons

Group air charter is very much a service for all seasons - with requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Explore how various industries can leverage the air charter benefits for group travel.

During the busy summer months, group air charter is often most associated with the general travel market – enabling tour operators and travel companies to respond to peak demand, offer additional services and develop new routes.

However, group air charter is very much a service for all seasons – with requirements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As we approach the end of the year, group charter is in high demand – including corporate shuttle services, events and exhibitions, sports travel, repatriation and evacuation flights, and crew rotation flights for various industries.

Aircraft charters with global reach

Chartering an aircraft for group travel always comes with a uniquely variable set of demands.

The energy industry, in particular, is an excellent example of a global sector with round-the-clock requirements. Charter flights can be routine – for instance, regular crew rotations – but are often urgent and come with additional complex elements, including moving specialist equipment.

As with other businesses that are global in reach, whenever travel managers are looking to move key personnel from one place to another or facilitate site visits, it’s essential also to have an awareness of changing travel restrictions and developing political situations.

For example, one of the new travel challenges in 2022 relates to international sanctions imposed due to the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

In an increasingly fast-moving and unpredictable world, aircraft charters can offer an immediate solution for businesses needing to adapt quickly, whether evacuation and repatriation flights or moving crews to a new location.

ACC has a strong track record of supporting companies to move key personnel in areas where scheduled airline services are unavailable – with aircraft ranging from regional jets and turboprops to narrow-body and wide-body types.

From trade shows to international sports travel

Of course, not all group air charter requirements involve remote urgent personnel flights or remote location work, and with autumn now upon us, other markets are also flying high.

The next few months see the return of many of the US and Europe’s most prominent trade shows. Whether it’s the World Travel Market in London or CES in Las Vegas, major industry events are attracting exhibitors and visitors worldwide.

Chartering an aircraft for conference and event travel enables people to stay together in one party, avoiding the need for multiple flight bookings and having employees transit through busy airport hubs.

A great example of an aircraft ACC can offer is a 62-seat VIP Boeing 757 – bridging the gap between private charter and scheduled services and providing a flexible transport solution for larger corporate groups.

Elsewhere, sports air charter is back in a big way – from regional jets for sports teams to wide-body aircraft for supporter groups.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner, kicking off on 21 November at the Al Thumama Stadium when Senegal takes on the Netherlands.

Next year also offers a bumper schedule of events, including the Super Bowl, Rugby World Cup and ICC Cricket World Cup – with charter solutions available for players, teams, corporate sponsors, media and fans.

Helping you find the right group air charter solution

Whether you are looking for a one-off charter or a complex series of flights, we have access to thousands of aircraft worldwide.

Since 2002, ACC Aviation has delivered market-leading solutions. Our group air charter specialists go above and beyond to tailor each charter to your requirements. To find out how we can support you with your next private jet flight, call +44 1737 232 230 or +1 954 686 5220, alternatively email 


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