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    Aircraft Charter VIP Boeing B757-200

    ACC Aviation is proud to be the exclusive marketing agent for Freedom II for the VIP Boeing B757-200. The aircraft will be available for ad hoc and program charter flying.

    The VIP Boeing B757-200 combines Luxury, Range and Capacity all in one. Its unique design and onboard features make this aircraft very versatile, thus accommodating many types of different charter needs. 

    Read on for more information or get in touch with our experts if you have a requirement. 

    UK Team: +44 1737 452180
    US  Team: +1 954 372 3820


    Key Features

    • Maximum Range : 4,500 nm / 9.5 hours 
    • Maximum Passengers up to 62 passengers 
    •  Sleeping Beds: one double bed 
    •  Includes: Galley,  IFE / CD / DVD, Satellite Phone 
    • Cabin Sizes: Length: 36.07m / 118ft 4in, Width: 3.54m / 11ft 7in, Height: 2.15m / 7ft 1in 
    •  Baggage Capacity: Up to ~350 bags (subject to final volume and weight), Weight: 10,000 kg / 22,406 lb, Volume: 50.8 m³ / 1,794 ft³ 
    •  Maximum Speed (mach): 0.86 
    •  Maximum Altitude: 41,000ft 
    •  Seat Recline: 140 degrees 
    •  Seat Pitch: 52 inches 

    Why charter with ACC Aviation?

    • Over 20 years of aircraft charter experience
    • Reputable track record of operators and industry partnerships worldwide
    • Complete flight management
    • Dedicated account management is available 24/7







    VP-BBE is US-owned and operated by Freedom II, a carrier certified by the Bermudian Civil Aviation Authority. ACC Aviation is an appointed sales agent acting on behalf of Freedom II. ACC is not a Direct Air Carrier or Foreign Air Carrier and all operational management and responsibility lies with Freedom II.