Asset Management

ACC Aviation’s asset management team offers expert advice and active management of Aviation Assets.

Technical Services

Our technical consultants provide comprehensive, full-lifecycle technical support and delivery management.

Aviation Finance

Our team provides impartial, expert advice on all matters from raising new debt to financial modelling.


ACC Aviation’s dedicated team of consultants provide a range of bespoke solutions for every stage of the business lifecycle.


Supporting lenders across all stages of the transaction lifecycle, providing bespoke services that minimise uncertainty and associated risks. 


ACC specialist advisors provide independent advice and bespoke asset management solutions, supporting investors.


Delivering bespoke services that enable lessors to capture opportunity and minimise risk, making informed decisions that maximise value from their aviation asset portfolios.

ACC Airline Operator Consultancy Airlines

Aviation Consultancy for Airline Operators

With over 20 years of industry knowledge and sector experience, ACC Aviation provides impartial advice and acts as a trusted advisor to aviation stakeholders worldwide.

Supporting Operators Throughout The Lifecycle Of Their Aircraft

ACC Aviation recognises the opportunities and challenges operators encounter throughout the lifecycle of their aircraft assets. Across the globe, operators confidently rely on ACC Aviation to deliver bespoke services that capture opportunities and minimise risks, enabling them to make informed decisions that maximise value from their aircraft fleet.

Aircraft Inspections

Aircraft Valuations

Aircraft Transactions

ACC Airline Operators Services

Our unique combination of aviation asset management, technical, valuation and financial advisory capabilities position us as the advisor of choice to operators globally.

ACC Aviation Consultancy Operators Airplanes

Select the right assets

From time to time, operators will undergo a fleet selection process. The decisions made at this juncture will be critical to an operator’s long-term performance, success and survival. We support operators throughout this process, bringing together our multidisciplinary expertise to ensure operators make informed, data-driven decisions. Typically, we’re engaged to:

  • Perform aircraft-type analysis and type selection assignments
  • Advise on acquisition strategies; new vs used; ownership vs operating lease vs ACMI lease
  • Advise on market values, lease rates, availability, and operating economics
  • Advise on financing strategy and market conditions
  • Develop business plans, financing memorandums, and other documentation to get the buy-in of decision-makers, align stakeholders and support project execution

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Airline operator transaction

Execute the transaction

ACC Aviation is a preeminent arranger of aircraft acquisition and financing transactions. Whether for outright purchase, operating lease, or ACMI lease, operators trust ACC Aviation to run efficient, competitive, and timely transaction processes. Operators engage us to:

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Airline operators monetise assets

Manage and monetise the asset

Throughout the ownership or lease term of the Asset, ACC Aviation is engaged by operators to provide a wide range of value enhancement, compliance, and preservation services. These activities include:

  • Business planning and advisory related to fleet strategy, including expansion or restructuring
  • Subleasing assets in situations of overcapacity or counter-seasonal demand
  • Unlocking liquidity through asset refinancing or sale and leaseback transactions
  • Advising on the restructuring of existing financing or leasing arrangements
  • Providing technical representation services at heavy maintenance events
  • Appraising assets for auditing and accounting purposes

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Airline operator return asset ACC

Exit or return the asset

At the end of the ownership or lease term, operators must strategise and take decisions that maximise residual value and minimise the risk associated with exiting or returning aviation assets. In this regard, ACC Aviation provides holistic advisory, remarketing, and technical support to operators. We are regularly engaged to:

  • Advise on market conditions, asset values, and remarketing strategy
  • Remarket aviation assets for outright sale or sublease
  • Advise on lease return conditions and areas of risk and non-compliance
  • Project manage the redelivery and aircraft lease return process to lessors

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ACC Aviation Consultancy Operators Airplanes

Asset selection

Airline operator transaction

Execute transaction

Airline operators monetise assets

Manage and monetise

Airline operator return asset ACC

Exit or return asset

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