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How to Get the Best Deal for Your Aircraft

When it comes to selling your aircraft, securing the best deal is not just about listing it on trading sites and hoping for the best. To maximise your opportunities, you need a strategic approach considering various factors.

ACC Aviation understands the intricacies of aviation asset management, and in this article, we will guide you through the process of getting the best value for your aircraft.

Liquidity and Distribution: Passive vs. Active Strategies

To start, consider the liquidity and distribution of your aircraft. Maximising exposure is crucial, and there are both passive and active strategies to achieve this. The passive approach involves listing your aircraft on prominent trading sites. However, the real value lies in active marketing. It’s about understanding the market dynamics, knowing who is buying and selling, and strategically promoting your aircraft to generate genuine interest.

Transitioning from a passive to an active strategy can significantly increase your chances of finding the right buyer for your aircraft. ACC Aviation specialises in active marketing strategies, leveraging our global market presence and team of aviation professionals to ensure that your aircraft reaches a wider audience and attracts genuine interest.

Supporting Documentation: Be Ready to Seal the Deal

One common pitfall in aircraft sales is not having supporting documentation ready when bringing the aircraft to market. Potential buyers lose interest if they encounter delays due to missing technical documentation and records. To avoid this, engage a technical expert to thoroughly assess the aircraft and compile all necessary documents into a digital data room.

ACC Aviation can assist you in this crucial step, ensuring that your aircraft’s technical assessment is comprehensive and that potential buyers can easily navigate through records. Our expertise helps streamline the process, making your aircraft more attractive to discerning buyers.

Market Awareness and Values: Influence the Right Price

Understanding the market and values is key to securing the right price for your aircraft. ACC Aviation emphasises market awareness, allowing you to influence buyers effectively. Knowing the buyers’ situations enables you to negotiate and potentially increase the price. This strategic approach ensures that you sell your aircraft not only promptly but also at a value that reflects its true worth.

Run a Structured Process: Maximise Value through Competition

Running a structured process for selling your aircraft is essential. By bringing all potential buyers together in a competitive process, you greatly increase the likelihood of achieving maximum value for your aircraft. ACC Aviation guides you through this structured approach, ensuring that your aircraft sale is a well-coordinated and competitive process.

How ACC Aviation Can Help: Your Trusted Partner in Aviation Asset Management

At ACC Aviation, we specialise in aviation asset management, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure you get the best deal for your aircraft. From active marketing strategies and technical assessments to market insights and structured sales processes, our experienced team is dedicated to optimising the value of your aviation assets.

Don’t leave the sale of your aircraft to chance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in getting the best deal for your aircraft.

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