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Andreas Pericleous

Vice President – Business Development

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Andreas Pericleous is a Vice President – Business Development in ACC Aviation. He has over 10 years of experience within the aviation industry. Andreas started as an Air Charter Broker with Zela Aviation, and in 2015 was promoted to a Business Development Manager. Between 2017 and 2020, Andreas was acting as a member of the company Board Directors. Andreas holds an MBA degree from Cyprus International Institute of Management. He also graduated with a BSc in Air Transport Management from Loughborough University and has an MSc in Marketing from the University of Manchester (Manchester Business School) and an MSc (by Research) in Sustainable Aviation from Manchester Metropolitan University (Omega Research Centre).

Latest insights from Andreas

Navigating African Aviation: Insights into ACMI trends and demand surge

The African aviation industry makes up 2.1% of global air traffic and has undergone significant changes to meet evolving demands. This review focuses on the ACMI landscape in regional air travel, highlighting challenges and the increased demand for ACMI solutions.

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ACMI Summer Overview – Africa

While the European market struggled to keep its head above the water with resourcing issues, the African ACMI market made considerable strides in 2022. The year started with solid projections...

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A Comparison of ACMI Leasing, Operating Leasing and Aircraft Ownership – To Lease or to Own

To lease aircraft or own? In the ever-increasing uncertainty of today’s aviation environment, where numerous exogenous parameters, such as the pandemic, political instability, oil prices, and climate change, dictate the...

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