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Five things to consider when choosing an aviation consulting company

You may want to consider an aviation consultancy service if you are looking to optimise your fleet utilisation, develop a cost-effective maintenance schedule, or explore a new market. This article explores what to look for when choosing an aviation consultancy partner and how a suitable provider can work with you toward success.

An experienced aviation consulting company can add real value from the moment you reach out, whether your goal is to optimise your fleet utilisation, develop a cost-effective maintenance schedule, seek ways to minimise risk, explore a new market, or even raise capital. But what should you look for when choosing a provider?

1. Unique view of the industry

When searching for an aviation consulting firm, one of the first things to look for is the extent of their market experience. A good consulting company will offer a unique perspective on the industry – for example, the role of airlines and operators, airports, regulatory bodies, investors and private equity firms.

This wider industry understanding enables aviation clients to take a strategic approach to planning – encompassing everything from market opportunities and risk management to regulatory compliance and financial analysis.

For example, a consultancy is perfectly positioned to understand the needs of investors looking to buy aircraft, the pressures faced by lessors wanting to sell assets, portfolio growth activities and reducing the impact of economic uncertainty and events of default.

Ultimately the goal is to help their clients improve their operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and achieve their business objectives.

2. Contacts across the aviation sector

Closely linked to the above, an aviation consultancy company should bring a wealth of contacts to the table.

An aviation consultancy firm with strong industry connections can utilise these contacts to offer valuable insights, access to resources, and introductions to their clients, enabling them to better understand trends, opportunities, and best practices.

With a network across the aviation spectrum, a consultancy company can select the right investor for the project based on the investment threshold and proactively introduce them to potential sellers.

3. First mover advantage

Airlines and aircraft operators must regularly adapt their business models in a constantly evolving market as new challenges and opportunities emerge – so it is essential to work with an aviation consultancy that can bring this flexibility.

An aircraft consultancy with a comprehensive understanding of the ACMI market is worth its weight in gold, as it has its finger on the pulse regarding worldwide aircraft availability.

The ability to source aircraft quickly brings convenience to airlines, operators, and investors – ensuring a high level of flexibility, including capacity, fleet composition, aircraft financing and any other activities interpreted as technical advisory support.

4. Relationship-driven approach

It is important to choose a relationship-driven consultancy and avoid firms looking for a purely transactional association. A professional aviation consultancy company will be transparent and upfront about its qualifications, credentials, and services.

A reputable consultancy company should have a strong track record of success in the aviation industry, with references, testimonials, and case studies demonstrating their expertise and effectiveness. They should be able to provide examples of similar aviation advisory projects they have completed, the proven capability to adapt to new situations and how they helped clients achieve their goals.

As the credentials of a consultancy are based on the person, it is important that the consultant is seen as the trusted advisor, providing advice and recommending the next steps. Asking for specific individual track records on specific activities will also provide insight into the consultancy companies’ capabilities.

A consultancy company’s reputation speaks to its trustworthiness, expertise, and ability to deliver quality work. They should always offer you an honest assessment. If they are not the firm best suited to the requirements, they will be happy to point you in the right direction.

5. Accessibility

Effective communication is critical to the success of any aviation consultancy project, and accessibility plays a crucial role in this. This includes being responsive to emails and phone calls and being willing to schedule meetings outside of normal business hours when necessary.

The aviation industry is a 24/7/365 business, and trusted providers will always make themselves available. Whether it’s an airline going into administration at the weekend, an aircraft grounded with a technical problem, or a last-minute contractual question, clients need the confidence help is at hand.

Look for an aviation consultancy company that values communication and collaboration and can work effectively with your business to achieve your goals.

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