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    Airline customer: African National Airline
    Lease Period: July – September
    Reason for lease: Hajj pilgrimage
    Aircraft: B777-200ER
    Config: 2-class

    Our client is an African national carrier, mandated by their government to provide aircraft for 12,000 Hajj pilgrimage passengers.

    The airline had widebody capacity within their fleet, but it was fully utilised on scheduled routes. ACMI24 was brought in to provide ACMI wet lease capacity during the Hajj.

    ACMI24 delivered a high density, 2-class B777-200ER aircraft for wet lease. The aircraft operated from three cities, providing passengers with travel to Jeddah and Medina in Saudi Arabia. The selected lessor was an experienced ACMI airline that had worked on Hajj pilgrimage leases for years – and their experience gave them an edge.

    The lessor set up a temporary maintenance base from which to operate flights. The lessee worked closely with ACMI24 and the lessor to obtain all necessary crew visas, Civil Aviation permits and approvals – resulting in smooth, successful operation throughout lease period.