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    Fleet and Network Planning Beyond 2020

    ACC Aviation’s expert aviation consultancy team provides insight on the strategies that airlines can implement to address the current oversupply of capacity in their markets, look at ways to unlock capital and address problems related to managing cash flow.

    Aircraft Storage During COVID-19

    The industry downcycle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant drop in air traffic and an increased demand for aircraft parking. In this article, ACC’s experts revisit some of the solutions operators have adopted for aircraft storage, as well as key considerations and associated costs.

    Aircraft Sale and Leaseback During COVID-19

    Since the onset of the pandemic, airlines have sought to tackle liquidity issues by leveraging unencumbered assets to raise the capital necessary to help them get through the downturn. One avenue in particular has gained traction among airlines that own assets and are looking to raise additional capital: a sale and leaseback (SLB).

    Supporting Airlines Through COVID-19 Part 3: Access to Capital

    While the effects of the coronavirus pandemic are still being felt around the world, airlines must effectively manage their assets, operations and cash flow to ensure sustainability and, ultimately, long-term business success. In the third and final instalment of this three-part series, we explore options for airlines looking to raise additional capital to secure longevity, during and after COVID-19.