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Air Charter: Supporting Essential Business Travel

With reduced availability of scheduled flights, organisations needing to move essential personnel are increasingly turning to air charter. We talk about some of the key benefits to businesses of using air charter for corporate travel.

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Businesses continue to persevere despite facing some of the most challenging circumstances in recent history.

With reduced availability of scheduled flights, organisations needing to move essential personnel are increasingly turning to air charter.

ACC Aviation has proven itself time and time again as a steadfast partner for businesses looking to provide safe, secure air travel for their employees.



Group Charter for Essential Workers

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, ACC’s group aircraft charter team has proudly supported the movement of essential, specialist teams around the world.

Our partnership with cruise lines helped bring passengers, crew and staff back home at the height of the coronavirus crisis, providing relief to countless families.

We’ve supported energy and mining companies with crew rotations, so that power and essential raw material stocks can continue uninterrupted.

We’ve also been working throughout the pandemic to move essential staff in the aerospace industry to ensure production continues unaffected.

Together, we’re helping bring essential people, services and equipment to the places that need it most.

Our support and partnership with businesses is ongoing – and our partners are quickly seeing the value of safe, fast aircraft charter for business.

Corporate Shuttle

ACC’s tailored corporate shuttle service gives global businesses the advantage. You’ll gain access to more airports, with private terminals and a schedule that fits your business needs.

Expedited boarding and security checks slash airport waiting times – and with integrated ground transfers and baggage handling added in, your team can travel faster than the competition.

Keep Moving

With fewer airline flights available, business travel has become harder – even for essential purposes. ACC’s corporate shuttle flights can be tailored to specific routes that grant your teams access to multiple destinations, for single trips or frequent travel.

We focus on your duty of care to your staff and health security. Due to COVID-19, businesses can choose dedicated flight operations for moving personnel that regularly need to travel between sites, without compromising their safety.

Expert Advice

We’ve been managing corporate shuttle operations since 2009. Our team of aviation experts can give you insider advice on the best travel routes, itineraries and logistics support for your business – during and after the pandemic.

Private Jet Charter

With ACC’s private jet charter for business, you can keep your executive and senior management teams moving. Ensure total safety and COVID security, with safe routes, strict isolation and faster end-to-end travel for key members of your organisation.

Private jet charter for key members of your team presents numerous advantages over scheduled flights, especially during the pandemic. With the ability to depart at any time, you’ll be able to move your team faster and more conveniently – giving your essential staff precious time to do what they do best.

You’ll also benefit from strict COVID safety enforcement, with full accountability and traceability, thanks to minimised contact.

COVID Secure

Reduce unnecessary contact, with point-to-point travel solutions and private terminals*.

Save Money, Save Time

Choose from more airports than scheduled flights can offer, and get your team on location faster than ever before. And, with the in-flight benefits of a private chartered aircraft – like WiFi, workspaces and unrivalled comfort – your team will have everything they need to maximise productivity.

24hr Service

With ACC, you’ll get a dedicated management team at your disposal, 24/7.

Get a Quote Now

Our team is available 24/7. Call +44 (0) 1737 232 230 or get a quote online now.

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