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ACC Aviation’s ACMI team experiences peak in ACMI requests

Throughout the summer, ACC Aviation's ACMI division has been working with various airlines, and on the final day of August, it had 24 leased aircraft in the air, ranging from regional jets and narrowbodies to widebody units.

Over the past few weeks, ACC Aviation’s ACMI team have been working tirelessly to provide airlines around the world with long and short-term ACMI solutions.

“On the 31st of August, we had 24 aircraft in the air, ranging from regional jets and narrowbodies to widebody units.” commented Dave Williams, Director of Leasing at ACC Aviation.

ACC Aviation is a leading ACMI leasing company, managing long-term ACMI contracts across different continents through its international office network. Leveraging its supplier network, market intelligence and wet leasing expertise, the firm is also supporting airlines with 24/7 response for ad hoc short-term requests, and has been recently heavily engaged with airlines impacted by the UK air traffic control system shutdown.

“We are proud to have helped various European airlines with their short-term capacity needs, especially those affected by the UK air traffic control system shutdown. We would like to express our gratitude to our clients for trusting ACC Aviation.” said Williams.

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