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Dave Williams

Director of Leasing

Dave Williams

Dave joined the company after graduating from university in 2003, heading up ACC’s inter-airline leasing division, ACMI24. As ACC Aviation Group’s longest serving employee, Dave has been instrumental in developing ACMI24 into a market leader, providing support to hundreds of international airlines every year.

Latest insights from Dave

The art of widebody configuration in ACMI leasing: A tailored approach

ACMI leasing is a flexible solution for airlines to meet their operational needs in the ever-changing aviation industry. Nevertheless, a question often arises: What is the most fitting widebody configuration for ACMI leasing?

13 October 2023 Read more

ACMI Summer Overview – Europe

While the ACMI market has been turbulent since the pandemic, 2022 stands out as a year laden with challenges and opportunities. In this article, our Director of Leasing delves into the ACMI summer trends in Europe.

26 October 2022 Read more

ACMI Lease vs Dry Lease

In this short insight, we explore the main differences between ACMI and dry leasing and the key advantages of each lease.

30 August 2022 Read more

ACMI leasing appears the way to go for airlines as the market remains uncertain

Remaining flexible and quickly adaptable to the market is the way forward for many airlines, most of whom are not keen currently to invest in new aircraft and the staff to operate them. Leasing appears the way to go, as the global airline market remains uncertain.

5 January 2022 Read more