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The critical role of air charter solutions in the energy industry

The energy industry often requires air charter solutions to move personnel, equipment and supplies to remote locations and much more. This article explores how planning and booking private aircraft can help meet demands and air charter solutions' critical role in the energy industry.

Few sectors in the world are as testing as the energy industry – a business that is global in scope and operates 24 hours a day. Energy production and distribution are critical components of modern society, and companies must work around the clock to meet the demand.

As such, the energy industry often requires air charter solutions to move personnel, equipment and supplies to remote locations, offshore drilling platforms and environments that are not easily accessible by other means of transportation.

ACC is uniquely positioned to respond to this demand, acting as a one-stop shop to offer tailored and adaptable air transportation solutions to satisfy the special requirements of the energy industry.

From private jets and helicopters to large group air charters

The energy industry has regular needs for private jets – whether it’s executives travelling to meetings, site visits, or flying an engineer on out to maintain a power plant.

Private jet charters provide the comfort and flexibility necessary for executives and key personnel who frequently travel at short notice for essential purposes, including sensitive business discussions and negotiations.

Private jets can also provide time-critical transportation for rapid response teams, which may be essential in emergencies where time is of the essence. For example, in the event of an oil spill, specialised response teams can be flown directly to the affected area, enabling a prompt response to mitigate the environmental and economic impact.

ACC also supports routine day-to-day passenger charter operations, including narrow-body and wide-body aircraft for regular shuttle programmes to transport workers to facilities worldwide – often in locations poorly served by scheduled airline services.

Fixed-wing aircraft can be used in tandem with helicopter charters to access the hardest-to-reach areas for crew changes, shuttling personnel between offshore installations and onshore bases, and transporting workers and essential supplies to drilling sites.

Meeting the cargo transportation needs of the energy industry

ACC’s charter specialists also play a critical role in arranging cargo shipments for various energy sectors, including oil and gas, nuclear, and wind. With access to freighter aircraft worldwide, ACC’s cargo transportation solutions meet the specific needs of these industries, including outsize equipment, tools, spare parts, and supplies.

For the oil and gas industry, air charter solutions can transport specialised equipment and supplies to remote drilling sites that may be difficult to reach by other means of transportation. In the wind industry, charter flights can transport large wind turbine components to remote farm locations, including blades, towers, and nacelles.

ACC has relationships with cargo aircraft operators worldwide and can arrange safe and reliable transportation for these materials, ensuring they are handled and transported in compliance with regulatory requirements.
From light turbo-prop aircraft to giant ramp-loading freighters, aircraft can be sourced to move all manner of drilling equipment, pipeline components, hazardous materials, and spare parts globally.

ACC can also assist with smaller urgent shipments, arranging on-board courier (OBC) services to hand-carry critical parts, documents, and equipment. OBC services can provide a rapid and secure method of transporting these items worldwide, often within hours of the request.

Couriers accompany the cargo on commercial flights, arranging the necessary customs clearance and other documentation requirements and ensuring that it is handled securely and delivered promptly upon arrival.

A one-stop solution for the energy industry

ACC’s team is on hand to help with your requirements, providing 24/7/365 charter solutions to the energy industry. Whether you are looking for a one-off charter or a complex shuttle programme of flights, we give you access to thousands of aircraft worldwide.

Since 2002, ACC Aviation has delivered market-leading solutions to the aviation industry. The peerless service and emphasis on reliability have made the firm one of the fastest-growing and most respected aviation service providers.


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