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Romantic Getaway by Private Jet: How Much Does it Cost?

Whether for Valentine's Day, a special occasion or simply because you feel like escaping for a few days, a weekend getaway for you and your loved one can be just what you need.

Whether for Valentine’s Day, a special occasion or simply because you feel like escaping for a few days, a weekend getaway for you and your loved one can be just what you need.

And there are few better ways to the make the most of your romantic break than by flying in exquisite comfort and style aboard your very own private jet.

Our charter experts are on hand to assist with arranging the perfect aircraft to whisk you away for a fairytale weekend.

We’ve even taken the liberty of hand-picking some of our favourite destinations, accommodation and restaurants, to show you the possibilities of a romantic getaway by private jet.



Small but perfectly formed, Portofino, with its brightly-painted buildings and picturesque harbour, makes an idyllic Mediterranean escape.

London – Genoa
Aircraft: Citation Mustang
Price: fr. £8,500
Stay: Hotel Splendido by Belmond
Transfer: 45km | 1 hr
Dine: Da Puny

Beautiful view of Portofino, Liguria, Italy


Côte d’Azur

A haven for the international elite as far back as the 1700s, the French Riviera’s chic status is irrefutable – the perfect spot for a luxurious weekend away.

London – Nice
Aircraft: Citation CJ2
Price: fr. £13,000
Stay: Hôtel Hermitage, Monte Carlo
Transfer: 30km | 35 minutes
Dine: Hostellerie Jérôme, La Turbie
Monaco bay skyline



The ‘Pearl of the Danube’ more than lives up to its reputation, with plenty to keep you and your loved one occupied regardless of the season.

London – Budapest
Aircraft: Citation CJ2
Price: fr. £13,500
Stay: Kempinski Hotel Corvinus
Transfer: 21km | 35 minutes
Dine: Costa
Budapest river and skyline


New York

Nothing says romance like a weekend in the Big Apple – the ideal opportunity to put the city that never sleeps’ provocative nickname to the test.

London – Teterboro
Aircraft: Gulfstream G-550
Price: fr. £140,000
Stay: SoHo Grand
Transfer: 20km | 1 hr
Dine: Zenkichi
NYC skyline


For more information or to request availability for private jet charter flights, make an enquiry or call a member of our team on +44 (0)1737 232230.


Prices listed are estimates based on return flights only, do not include transfers, accommodation or dining and are subject to availability at time of enquiry. Please note ACC is unable to assist with hotel or restaurant reservations.

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