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From golf to motorsports: Why private jet charters are the go-to for luxury sports travel

Are you looking to attend any sports events this year? This article explores upcoming sports competitions and how ACC can help you with your private jet travel needs.

Luxury travel is all about creating unforgettable experiences, and private jet charters provide the ultimate option for those looking to enjoy some of the most prestigious sports events of 2023.

The Masters, held April 6-9 at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA, is set to be a massive draw for jet-setting golf fans – with private aircraft touching down at Augusta Regional Airport (AGS), Daniel Field Airport (DNL), and regional airports throughout the four-day event. As one of the most renowned golf tournaments in the world, The Masters is known for its stunning setting, challenging course, and iconic green jacket awarded to the winner.

Elsewhere, the PGA Championship returns to historic Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York (May 15-21), while the Los Angeles Country Club is set to host the US Open Championship (June 15-18). If you are attending any major golf events this year, we are here to help – read more here.

Of course, it’s not just North America that will attract private jet travellers in the coming months. The pick of the busy European calendar sees The Open return to Royal Liverpool in Hoylake’s 13th hosting of golf’s oldest major championship (July 16-23).

Similarly, motorsports events like the Monaco Grand Prix (May 25-28), Isle of Man TT (June 3-10), British Grand Prix (July 9), and Belgian Grand Prix (July 30) are huge attractions for private jet users and luxury travel organisers, with clients looking for the most exclusive viewing areas, accommodation, and other bespoke experiences. Find out what we are offering and how we can help you to get to Formula One World Championship in 2023 here.

Why private jet charters are a game changer for sports travel

As a fully bespoke service, private jet travel is always in high demand for individuals interested in golf, motorsports and other elite sports events.

Whether you’re flying as a competitor, sponsor or fan, private jet charters offer endless sports travel possibilities for those seeking comfort, convenience, and exclusivity that commercial airlines cannot match.

Opting for a private jet charter lets you fly directly to the airports closest to your destination – saving you from the headaches and time-consuming delays associated with commercial air travel and ensuring a stress-free journey and a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

With private jet charters, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort, privacy, and luxury while travelling in style and feel refreshed and energised at your destination.

ACC’s private charter specialists ensure that every detail is attended to – including special dietary requirements, airport assistance, solutions for sports or media equipment, or anything else required onboard.

Contact the sports air charter specialists

While golf and motorsports are significant components of the luxury travel market, they are just two examples of elite sports for private jet travellers seeking exceptional experiences.

Whether you’re planning to watch Wimbledon in the UK, witness the NBA finals in the US, or experience the Rugby World Cup in France, ACC’s team can help get you there in style.

Since 2002, ACC Aviation has delivered market-leading air charter solutions. The peerless service and emphasis on reliability have made the firm one of the fastest-growing and most respected aviation service providers.


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