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Flying Home for Christmas? Private Jet Charter Might be a Golden Ticket

While it might not be everything we’d wish for, flying home for Christmas on a private jet could just be the golden ticket to end the year on a high.

It’s been quite a year. Now we’re approaching the end of 2020, thoughts turn to the traditional Christmas holiday season. Things might be a little different this time around, for travel especially – and while it might not be everything we’d wish for, flying home for Christmas on a private jet could just be the golden ticket to end the year on a high.

Travel over Christmas 2020

ACC is headquartered in the UK, where a tier system of coronavirus restrictions is expected to be in place until at least spring 2021. But the four nations of the UK have reached an agreement that will allow up to three separate households to congregate between the 23rd and 27th of December. This includes free travel between areas in different tiers on those dates.

So, in the UK at least, families will be able to gather for Christmas. But what about international travel?

Yes – under the tier system, international travel is allowed, subject to a quarantine period depending on your destination. The quarantine is being cut from 14 days to five days (with a coronavirus test) from December 15th.

But travel might not be possible to certain countries. Portugal, Italy and France are all currently under national lockdown and any entry would only be granted for essential travel – and unfortunately, spending Christmas with family doesn’t count as essential.

Many other countries not in lockdown have strict restrictions on entry. Always check before embarking, as changes can be last minute.

There’s also the risk that, on arrival, the destination is placed under lockdown – meaning you’ll be unable to return until the lockdown is lifted.

But a Christmas reunion with residents of some countries could be possible: travelers from some areas – including Finland, Norway, Bahrain and UAE – are exempt from quarantining in the UK, although booking scheduled flights could be a challenge with reduced operations.

Festive Getaways

Some countries, like the Maldives, have opened up to travel and remain exempt from quarantining, so a Christmas getaway might still be possible – but as we’ve seen so many times through 2020, travel restrictions can come into play at any time.

Can You Fly Privately on Christmas Day?

If you’re flying home for Christmas, your presence could be the greatest present of all. If you really wanted to make an impact, arriving on Christmas morning would be a huge surprise! But can you charter a private jet on Christmas Day?

Yes; domestic airports, international airports and private jets operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – regardless of any public holidays. But like any other service on a day like Christmas Day, private jet availability can be reduced and your charter flight cost can be higher.

Even so, with private jet charter you’ll be able to curate your own flight experience, route and final transfer to match your plans perfectly. Imagine arriving back home just as your family wakes up on Christmas morning – just in time to open presents together.

Private charter could make that dream come true

Private Jet Charter for Christmas

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