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Executive Travel and Business Aviation: The Benefits of Charter

Discover the advantages of executive travel and business aviation charter services with ACC Aviation. From privacy and productivity to sustainability and flexibility, our tailored solutions ensure seamless journeys for corporate clients worldwide.

When it comes to corporate travel, the details are essential, and minor inefficiency can have knock-on effects that impact the bottom line. That’s why our team of charter experts works with PAs, EAs, travel managers, and C-suite executives to organise seamless, cost-effective travel solutions that support business, not hinder it.

Whether you’re managing travel programmes for a multinational corporation, coordinating travel for senior executives, or organising a complex itinerary for a high-profile meeting, we’re here to help – and we’ve been doing it successfully for over twenty years.

Our business aviation experience

From VLJs to BBJs, we source the exact aircraft when and where it’s needed and ensure that your travel schedules are managed with absolute care and efficiency.

    1. Privacy and Discretion
    2. Time-Efficiency
    3. Comfort and Productivity
    4. Safety and Security
    5. Sustainability and Responsible Travel
    6. Tailored Solutions and Flexibility
    7. Freeing up your schedule
    8. Total Reliability

Privacy and Discretion

In the corporate world, privacy is crucial, as demonstrated by the tremendous growth of the data security industry in recent years. Now more than ever, businesses are taking action to safeguard their data and sensitive information with advanced network security and internal processes. However, maintaining security outside the office is difficult, and commercial travel introduces numerous additional challenges.

Chartering a business jet provides a private setting where business can be conducted without onlookers, and secure onboard internet allows connectivity throughout the flight. For matters of absolute privacy, the cabin can be temporarily isolated from the flight crew.

Aside from the data security benefits, business aviation provides a private space where executives can relax, recover, and prepare for their next requirements.


The adage “time is money” is especially true in corporate aviation. When managing travel schedules for high-value executives, the cost of their time is a key consideration. Chartering a business jet can significantly reduce the time and expense of travel. With access to smaller, more direct airports/airstrips, streamlined security processes, private terminals, and the ability to drive directly to the awaiting aircraft, international travel becomes as simple as a drive across town.

We apply a consultative approach to our charter services – enabling open discussions regarding the financial vs time costs/benefits of travel. In many cases, charter is the most economical solution for international travel thanks to the efficiency it affords.

When executives need to conduct multiple site visits or meetings in a single day, charter puts the power in your hands.

Comfort and Productivity

Just like elite athletes, executives need comfort and rest to perform at their peak. Jetlag and travel fatigue can significantly impact productivity, and access to adequate rest is essential. With corporate aviation, executives travel in a comfortable environment that promotes meaningful rest. Cabin pressure, humidity, and temperature are highly controlled, meaning executives arrive at their destinations noticeably more revitalised than on commercial aircraft.

Additionally, the ability to conduct meetings during the flight transforms travel time into an efficient, work-conducive environment, allowing for smooth transitions between air and ground operations.

Safety and Security

We understand that safety and security are always the first consideration for those responsible for corporate and executive travel.

The business aviation industry is subject to extremely stringent safety prerequisites, and operators must comply with strict requirements and international standards needed to maintain their operating certificates.

As an added layer of safety, private jet crews receive extensive emergency training, pilots are often highly experienced, and operational procedures limit any potential safety issues.

When travelling to remote sites or areas with heightened security concerns, our charter teams can arrange door-to-door protection when on the ground, ensuring peace of mind from the moment your executives leave for the airport.

Sustainability and Responsible Travel

As a business with a robust sustainability programme, we understand the vital importance of eco-conscious travel practices.

We offer a comprehensive carbon offsetting programme on all charters – allowing customers to completely offset their emissions and contribute to sustainability practices such as reforestation and conservation projects, future technology developments and ocean clean-up missions.

Going above and beyond our offsetting programme, eco-conscious clients can opt for reduced onboard plastics, recycled and compostable utensils, fuel-efficient aircraft, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

In addition, the flexibility of private aviation can contribute to lower overall travel emissions for larger groups. A direct charter often reduces the need for multiple connecting flights and onward travel.

If sustainability is a key concern for your organisation, contact our charter team, and we’ll have an open and honest conversation about the options available.

Tailored Solutions and Flexibility

In the fast-paced world of business, flexibility is key. Our charter team understands that schedules often change at a moment’s notice, and the ability to react and adapt is essential. We can source alternative aircraft when plans change, route around unforeseen weather challenges, and avoid overflying areas subject to industrial action – providing resilience and adaptability where it’s needed most.

Meeting overrunning? No problem – we can hold the aircraft for you. Need to move meetings forward? We can ensure the aircraft is fuelled and ready to depart whenever needed.

When you’re unsure of your plans until the last minute, our 24/7 charter teams are on standby and can tentatively source aircraft in the background while your plans develop.

Freeing up your schedule

Most corporate clients we work with have responsibilities that extend far beyond travel booking and flight schedules. Executive assistants constantly organise meeting schedules, balance diaries, respond to internal emails, organise hotels and accommodations, take minutes, and so on.

When you charter a business jet, that’s one major item off your list.

Total Reliability

When managing complex travel schedules, there’s often no room for error. Our global team of charter experts provide exacting flight solutions and is capable of organising the most intricate of travel programmes.

When you need a flight solution that just works, we work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure nothing goes awry, identifying issues before they arise and solving challenges before they appear.

Contact us Today

At ACC Aviation, we go beyond traditional charter services—we act as a consultant in your executive travel planning and work collaboratively to deliver outstanding results.

Contact our charter team today to discuss how we can enhance your existing business travel processes.

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