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    Customer: Major Entertainment Company

     Reason for charter: To fly a touring group of artists across Europe

     Aircraft: Boeing 737-800



    ACC Aviation was appointed to manage the European tour flights of a world-renowned entertainment company. The entertainment company, which has been active for nearly 40 years, travels in a group of over 100 passengers with extensive cargo. While the cargo is transported by road, the artists, including their luggage, travel by air. ACC Aviation was asked to manage the flights for the touring group for the eighth consequent year. 


    The client requested one aircraft to accommodate the entire group, including all luggage. Due to their extensive programme, the group prefer to travel on later flights to free up the next day ahead of their upcoming performance.


    ACC Aviation arranged a Boeing 737-800 to fly the entire group. Liaising with the aircraft operator and the airport officials, ACC arranged a late evening flight so that the group could depart on the same day after their last performance. The ACC team organised a porter to help with the luggage at the airport, and representatives were on hand throughout the travel program.


    ACC Aviation continued to deliver the same calibre of seamless air travel for the eighth consecutive year.

    Key achievements:

    • Organised and coordinated ten flights for a group of 100 passengers
    • Delivered exceptional account management and secured repeat business for the eighth year