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    Customer: European rugby club
    Reason for charter: Transport to and from games
    Aircraft: Various as required


    Travel efficiency and player comfort are paramount for elite sports clubs to perform at their peak during away games. ACC Aviation established a long-term relationship with a European rugby club, assisting the club with ad hoc flights to and from international matches.  


    The rugby club arrives two days before the match to ensure players have ample recovery time and are in the best shape to face their opponents. The club carries around 1,500 kg of essential sports equipment that must be safely stored. The checking and boarding process at the terminal must be seamless to avoid inefficiencies, and the food served on board the aircraft must be suitable for players’ specific dietary requirements. With COVID-19, players must be sat one seat apart to maintain a safe distance on board, which requires larger aircraft.


    The club plans its travel two to three months ahead of the match, providing ACC with plenty of time to secure an ideal aircraft and organise departure times to match the club’s exact schedule. A dedicated ACC account manager is on hand at the airport to ensure that boarding passes are waiting and sports equipment is loaded safely onto the aircraft. The account manager checks with the operator for any documentation the club will require upon arrival, advising the club representatives well in advance. ACC then liaises with the operator to ensure that suitable refreshments are served on board according to the players’ strict dietary requirements.


    Over the years, ACC Aviation has arranged numerous charter flights for the club, saving them considerable time for match preparation and ensuring the players always arrive in peak physical condition. For example, in 2018, the club chartered a flight from Santa Fe to Buenos Aires to take a connecting flight to Europe. As there were no scheduled options between Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, ACC arranged a Boeing 737-800 to take the team on a 45-minute direct flight into Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery airport. Thanks to ACC, the team avoided a five-hour road alternative. During the pandemic, air charters facilitated safe and stress-free travel for the club while significantly lowering the risk of infection.

    Key Achievements

    • Chartered multiple aircraft based on the rugby club’s requirements
    • Delivered comfortable and efficient flights to numerous destinations
    • Delivered safe and stress-free flights during the pandemic