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Air Charter vs Scheduled Services

With the chaos of scheduled services set to continue for the foreseeable future, aircraft charter offers an ever more attractive option for avoiding delays, disruption and long queues.

While the airlines and travel companies started the year with bold plans to get international travel back to pre-pandemic levels, the summer months have revealed a system stretched to breaking point.

Airlines and airports have faced months of turmoil surrounding staff shortages, compounded by ongoing issues with coronavirus-related absences and industrial action. 

With thousands of flights already cancelled, some of Europe’s biggest airport hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London have introduced capacity caps, further straining the system at critical points.

With the chaos of scheduled services set to continue for the foreseeable future, aircraft charter offers an ever more attractive option for avoiding delays, disruption and long queues.

The benefits of chartering an aircraft

Whether you’re looking for a private jet charter for a business meeting or a larger aircraft for group incentive travel, charter gives you the peace of mind everything is in hand, and you’ll reach your destination on time.

Chartering an aircraft enables people to stay together in one group, avoiding the need for multiple flight bookings and having passengers transit through overstretched airport hubs. 

A fully-managed charter service offers more choice and flexibility than scheduled airlines – with control over flight times and travelling to and from smaller, more convenient airports with sufficient capacity.

When you consider the time saved at check-in and security queues, not to mention flight delays and cancellations, chartering can offer considerable cost and time-saving benefits versus scheduled services.

The streamlined arrival and security process at small, private terminals enables you to minimise time lost on the ground. Once boarded, continue working on your laptop or sit back and enjoy the flight.

Unlike the fixed menu, entertainment options, and limited extras offered by commercial airlines, chartering also allows you to tailor your flight to the smallest detail. 

Charter travel is a bespoke service – from having your favourite cuisine and fine wines available on a private jet to impressing your guests with custom branding and media packs on an incentive flight.

Chartering an aircraft can also help you avoid the risk of lost luggage due to cancelled connections or baggage system meltdowns at busy airports – an all too familiar story in the news in recent months. 

Enhanced allowances make aircraft charters an ideal option for any business with requirements to travel with specialist equipment – from crew rotation flights for an energy company to professional sports teams and worldwide music tours.

Whether you’re looking to take golf clubs on a private jet charter or find a solution for a whole orchestra, your dedicated account manager will ensure you have the right aircraft for your requirements, removing the risk of equipment getting lost or damaged during the handling process. 

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