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ACC Aviation speaks to Orleans Park School

Faizal Gara, ACC Aviation Business Development Manager, recently spoke with the young adults at Orleans Park School in Twickenham, UK.

ACC Aviation speaks to Orleans Park School

Faizal Gara, ACC Aviation Business Development Manager, recently spoke with the young adults at Orleans Park School in Twickenham, UK.

Faizal was approached by the school as part of their careers day initiative – giving students the opportunity to speak with professionals from a broad range of industries.

“It was an opportunity for me to give back to society in any way I can, it was a pleasure to help students to start thinking and planning their future which will help them consider their professional paths once they complete their education.” Commented Faizal. “Orleans Park has a fantastic careers program, and I was glad to be involved”

The Orleans Park School careers program encourages students to consider the practical elements of their working future and how this links back to their studies. The program also aims to nurture student aspirations and career interests.

Faizal gave a presentation to the students explaining his background, how he entered the working world and how that led him to aviation. The presentation explained the various activities ACC performs on behalf of clients and how the students can begin planning for a career in aviation and business.

Following his presentation, Faizal gave the students an opportunity to discuss openly and ask any questions.

“I was blown away by how engaged the students were, a testament to the school’s program. We had questions regarding conflicts of interest when working with airlines, the structure of an asset deal, whether I enjoy my job and what aspects are challenging”, added Faizal. “One student even asked about financial investments and my thoughts on cryptocurrency.“We have a responsibility to encourage the next generation, and I’m thrilled to have played a small part in the futures of these intelligent students”.

The Learning Support Assistant at Orleans Park School said: “The students were highly engaged, they were keen to know more about his career in aviation, they enjoyed the humorous and light-hearted approach Faizal made and most importantly made them all feel comfortable to discuss anything, as they were nervous when they first entered into the room, clearly a testament to his commercial capabilities. The students all-in-all very much enjoyed the session and left knowing more about how various functions within a business operates. There was an appreciative round of applause at the end”.

The student at Orleans Park School commented: “We had a really exciting and interesting afternoon at the Year 10 Careers Afternoon. We attended lots of professionals, who talked to us about their career and the job that they do. I found it particularly interesting to hear from Faizal Gara, who worked in the aviation industry. This is because I wish to potentially go into this industry. Faizal told us a bit about himself and his job, as well as giving us some advice about how to prepare ourselves for the future and our future careers. I really enjoyed his talk, and all the other professional talks on that day.”

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Contact ACC Aviation

If you’re involved in a school careers program and would like an ACC representative to speak with your students, please contact

Since 2002, ACC Aviation has delivered market-leading solutions across the aviation industry. ACC serves a diverse, global client base, and its international office network spans Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia Pacific.

About Orleans Park School

Orleans Park is a happy, thriving, successful and oversubscribed 11-18 mixed comprehensive that serves its local community in Twickenham with over 1,200 students.

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