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ACC Aviation Appoints VP Leasing

ACC Aviation welcomes Conor Sproat as Vice President – Leasing to further enhance the business’s market-leading ACMI leasing capabilities.

The ACMI Leasing Market During COVID-19

ACC’s wet leasing experts explore the possibility of ACMI leasing during and after COVID-19, and how the current market circumstances have impacted ACMI lease rates, aircraft availability and contract terms.

Unique Aspects of Aircraft Lease in Middle Eastern Markets

Revenue from Hajj and Umrah tourism travel is set to grow exponentially by 2022. We look at the unique aspects of aircraft leasing in the Middle East and how ACMI can play an important role for carriers operating flights for tourists embarking on these annual pilgrimages.

Aircraft Wet Leasing: An Expert’s Opinion

Director of Leasing, Dave Williams, from ACC’s market-leading wet leasing division, reveals what his role and that of his team entails and identifies the reasons for the growth of wet leasing and, looking ahead, the opportunities and obstacles for the industry.