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Private Jet Charter Vs First Class

How do you choose between private charter and flying first class? Both have clear advantages, but ultimately, it all depends on what your travel needs are.

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How do you choose between private charter and flying first class? Both have clear advantages, but ultimately, it all depends on what your travel needs are.

Private Jets Fly (Practically) Anywhere.

In total, commercial airlines fly to around 550 airports worldwide, while private jets can utilize over 5,000.

A commercial airline will have a full roster of routes, largely made up of popular holiday destinations and hub airports, many of which are convenient for most members of the public.

However, some destinations may only be reached via a convoluted series of indirect flights or lengthy road transfers.

Private charter doesn’t have to abide by the most profitable route because the money isn’t made on volume of tickets sold – so popularity (or lack thereof) isn’t an issue. A privately chartered plane can depart from the most conveniently-located airport to you and take you exactly where you want to go, when you want to go, with no connections or limitations.

Private Charters are Better for Business

When time is of the essence, getting as close to your destination as possible can be invaluable, especially when it comes to business travel. Hectic corporate roadshow schedules are a prime example – visits to multiple sites that would take a week using scheduled services can be accomplished in a day or two via private jet charter.

With flexible scheduling and routes, new destinations can be added on, and passengers can be added or removed from flights as and when required (up to the aircraft’s passenger limit). In some circumstances, you can even change your destination mid-flight. Private jet charter is an excellent way for businesses to get around, especially when time can make all the difference.

First Class Tickets are Cheaper. Sometimes.

Depending on where you’re flying and who are you’re flying with, a first class ticket will almost always cost less than chartering a plane.

But where there is a requirement for a small group to travel first class, chartering a jet can prove to be more cost-effective. The price of hiring a private jet is split equally between you – rather like sharing the cost of a taxi into the city, which often works out cheaper than travelling in individually by train.


In addition, there is the added convenience of departing at a time that suits you, and travelling to a more practical choice of airport.


Private Jets are… Private.

Flying first class comes with many benefits, including, in some cases, a completely enclosed first class cabin. But a private jet is exactly that – private. With the entire aircraft at your disposal, you can make the most of your flight, however you see fit.


Use the time productively by carrying on your work in your own company or with your fellow colleagues, continue an important business meeting on board or take the opportunity to relax and appreciate your jet’s numerous comforts.


How Can You Beat First Class Service?

First class offers a dedicated team of attendants, a superior menu and a host of luxurious in-flight amenities. How can a chartered plane compete?


A privately chartered jet delivers a premium service on your terms, with expedited check-in and security that takes just 5 or 6 minutes on average. Arrived late for your flight? No problem. Your chartered jet will wait for you.


Exclusive first class departure lounges are designed to provide a relaxing oasis of comfort and tranquillity while you wait for your gate to open. While the majority of private jet terminals have dedicated fixed base operators (FBOs), offering VIP facilities that easily rival most airport lounges, you’ll likely have no need to take advantage of them: with private jet charter, departure times are dictated by you, meaning when you arrive, you can simply board and go.


As for the in-flight experience, most would agree that one of the singular luxuries of first class is the dining experience: a sumptuous, meticulously-designed menu, accompanied by a carefully curated wine list, served on fine bone china with exclusively-designed cutlery.


When it comes to catering for private charter passengers, the sky is more or less the limit. Bespoke catering is available, tailor-made to your tastes; from elaborate menus to the more simple pleasure of having your favourite in-flight snacks to hand. Simple foods like antipasti platters, cheese and crackers, smoked salmon and sandwiches are the most common, especially on shorter flights where the aircraft is smaller and less likely to have a hot food galley. And, there’s the added advantage that they don’t leave lingering aromas for the duration of your flight.

You Can Take Your Pets on Private Jets.

When it comes to transporting our feline friends or canine companions, one of the huge benefits for both you and your pet is that you can travel side by side when flying by private jet. For many, the comfort and peace of mind this brings is priceless.

Want to Know More?

Private jets vs first class travel – a conundrum as old as aviation itself. Depending on your requirements, both have much to offer; but private charter has many advantages that First Class can’t compete with. Want to know more? Talk to ACC Charter – call us 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, on +44 1737 232 230 – or send your message to

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