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Business Jet Charter

The business aviation solutions provided by ACC Aviation are a reliable choice for organisations worldwide. Our team of experienced professionals works directly with you or your travel manager to ensure that your flying schedule is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Opting for a private plane charter for business purposes can often be the most economical option for an organisation. Not only are travellers able to remain rested and at their most productive throughout the journey, but meeting and event schedules are also far less influenced by travel processes.

With ACC, you are in control of your flight programs. You choose exactly when and where to fly without worrying about security checks or in-flight downtime.

Tailored business air travel across the globe

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Time as a resource

We understand that time is money, and losing time can be damaging to business. By opting for a business jet charter with our team, you can save valuable time.

With our private jet rental services, you’ll have the flexibility to make multiple stops in a single day and hold private meetings onboard, allowing you to make the most of your time.


Multiple locations in a single day

When chartering a business jet with ACC, you’re able to make multiple stops in a single day, often with only a few hours in between. So, when you need to be in Jeddah for an opening, Abu Dhabi for a lunch meeting, Riyadh for an event and back in Dubai to sleep in your own bed, you can rely on ACC Aviation’s business aviation team.


Privacy and security

Maintaining the confidentiality of highly-sensitive projects while travelling can be challenging. However, business jets can function as a private board room in the sky, with complete confidentiality and connectivity. Our team of experts will leverage our vast network of charter options to find the most suitable aircraft that caters to your unique requirements.

Private and executive lounges

When flying private, we take care of everything, and that treatment starts well before takeoff. You’ll begin your journey at a private terminal where you can feel relaxed, connected, and ready to tackle the day. We have long-standing relationships with the world’s most exclusive private terminals – from Jetex in the UAE to Jet Aviation in KSA and hundreds more throughout the region. So you can rest assured that your VIP treatment extends far beyond the plane.

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24/7 business aviation concierge services

When punctuality is uncompromisable, you can rely on our business jet charter services. We’re able to route around weather, avoid specific overflight zones or airports, and our up-to-the-minute flight info means we can pre-empt anything that may cause a delay. Your 24/7 account manager will ensure you arrive on time.

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