Why Executive Charter Could Be The Best Travel Decision You Make

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October 14, 2015

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Widely considered to be the reserve of the rich and famous, more frequent flyers are realising the benefits of flying by executive charter.

Whether taking meetings in multiple destinations, transporting priceless works of art, or hopping overseas for a few days, executive charter flights can be an excellent choice for bespoke travel arrangements.

So, if you’re still sitting on the fence, or if you’ve never even considered how you might benefit from an executive charter, here’s a little food for thought.


Benefits of Executive Charter

Time Saved

Queuing for security, immigration, boarding and baggage claims means valuable time wasted. When you fly on a private jet, the average waiting time at a fixed base operator (FBO) is around five or six minutes.

Fast & efficient

Private jets’ higher cruising altitude compared with commercial airliners means increased speed and reduced congestion, getting you where you need to be faster.

Unrivalled access

Commercial airliners serve around 550 airports; a private jet can land at over 5,000. Not only are you more likely to find a departure airport closer to home, you’ll gain access to parts of the world you otherwise couldn’t reach by air.

Superior flexibility

Flying by private jet puts you in control of your schedule. Meetings in multiple cities become a breeze and sudden changes can be accommodated at a moment’s notice, even when you’re already in the air.

Private by name…

Every detail is planned to ensure the utmost discretion. Upon arriving at the terminal, you’re only seconds away from stepping aboard the aircraft – and once on board, you can relax in total privacy.

Uncompromising comfort

It goes without saying that, when you fly by executive charter, the journey is just as important as the destination. The highest levels of service, exquisite interiors and bespoke fine dining options mean you can enjoy a tailored experience designed to exceed every expectation.

The safest of hands

Reputable private jet operators have impeccable safety records, enforcing safety management systems that easily rival any commercial airline. Additionally, they recruit only the best pilots via an arduous selection process, so you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands.

Surprisingly cost-effective

Business executives are increasingly embracing private jets as a viable and cost-effective option for corporate travel. When you factor in the cost of chartering a jet versus that of first and business-class commercial travel, plus the time saved, and the numbers begin to add up.


Executive Charter Aircraft

Whether you have a need to fly transatlantic or regional, are flying as a large party or small – there is the perfect executive charter aircraft to suit your individual requirements and budget. To find out more about our executive charter aircraft, view our executive charter guide.

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