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Private Jet Charter Pricing

Flying by private jet is a bespoke experience, crafted to the individual’s needs – but what factors can affect private jet charter pricing?

In our previous pricing post, How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?, we presented some example routes and aircraft to give an idea of what to expect when chartering a private jet. Flying private is a bespoke experience, crafted to the individual’s needs – but what factors can affect private jet charter pricing?

Private Jet Charter Price Variations

Private jet charter pricing fluctuates all the time – but some factors can impact your final quote.


Of course, the type of aircraft you charter will have an impact on the final quote, but its age and refurbishment status makes a big difference, too. A brand new, modern jet won’t necessarily command a higher price than an older private jet – especially if the older jet has a unique configuration. The level of demand for a specific type of aircraft can drive pricing, too.

If the aircraft has a base airport, operators can offer better prices for return journeys from base – using the same jet and crew. For one-way trips, floating fleets (which have no fixed base) can be more cost-effective.


Unless your aircraft is based at your specified departure airport, repositioning your chosen aircraft carries a cost, which will be factored into your final quote. Airports carry handling and landing fees, too – and this can vary depending on your arrival and departure airports.

Empty Legs

Empty legs, or repositioning flights, can come with generous discounts. You may not get a bespoke experience, but empty legs can grant more people entry into flying private.

On Board Equipment

You’ll need to say in advance if you need oversize luggage capacity for items like musical instruments or if your flight needs to include a WiFi connection. The same goes for medical equipment and accessibility requirements.

The Owner

Private jets are not generally owned by the operator; they are privately owned assets, which are rented out to operators for a fee. Some private jet owners may have restrictions on smoking or having animals in the cabin, which is understandable when you consider the costs of repairing and maintaining a private jet.

The Details

The more detail you give on your private jet charter requirements, the more accurate the cost will be; so be detailed, specific and get exactly what you want agreed for the best possible private jet charter experience.

Remember, you can control everything about your flight: food, drinks, transfer services, additional helicopter charter – even bespoke in-flight entertainment and branding. The more detail you give, the more control you’ll get.

And we’ll be there, every step of the way, helping you to build your perfect flight.

Private Jet Charter for a Changing World

Get a private jet charter quote now. We’re available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, on +44 (0)1737 232 230 – or send your message to

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