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Aircraft Sale and Leaseback During COVID-19

Since the onset of the pandemic, airlines have sought to tackle liquidity issues by leveraging unencumbered assets to raise the capital necessary to help them get through the downturn. One avenue in particular has gained traction among airlines that own assets and are looking to raise additional capital: a sale and leaseback (SLB).

Top 10 Winter Sun Escapes by Private Jet: Part 2

While constantly changing travel restrictions may be making a summer getaway challenging, winter represents a fantastic opportunity to get away from it all. ACC has teamed up with Inspiring Travel Co. to bring you ten exquisite holiday resorts ideal for when you’re considering swapping winter weather for sunshine and silk sands. Part 2 of 2.

Coronavirus & Air Charter for Sports Teams

The global pandemic has caused the biggest disruption to worldwide sport since the Second World War. With the collapse of scheduled services, combined with the greater degree of control and reduced risk to athletes and staff, aircraft charter has become the go-to travel choice for top-tier teams and athletes.