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We sourced and refurbished a set of A330 seats in just seven weeks for a European operator.

In early 2019 we were approached by a European operator who needed to create additional seating capacity for a special programme of flights. They required a cost effective set of nine abreast economy seats for the front two sections of their Airbus A330 aircraft to be delivered within just seven weeks.

Our experts were able to source a shipset of Sicma seats in as “removed condition”, along with the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and Declaration of Design and Performance (DDP) documentation, demonstrating that the seats would fulfil the client’s needs. We then had the task of getting these seats refurbished to the specifications requested by the airline.

We began making refurbishment arrangements with our ESEA Part 145 partner, Aircraft Interior Refurbishment Espana (AIRE). Initially we tasked them with carrying out an on-site inspection of the seats; this allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the level of refurbishment that would be required. It also let us assess the remaining unused seats to see if they could be broken down for spare parts for both the refurbishment and on-going repairs. Additional spare parts were needed for the refurbishment so we began the process of finding them.

At this stage, we hit our first potential roadblock; some of the arm plastics had become brittle due to age and there was a lack of existing spare parts to replace the damaged units. However, using our extensive supplier network, we were able to find a part 21G approved manufacturer that could produce a PMA arm plastic within the short lead time.

The seats were then shipped from the store in France to the repair facility in Madrid, where AIRE began their four week refurbishment process. This culminated in an on-site visit from both ourselves and the airline customer and effective solutions were found to minor snags during the review. We then arranged for an independent seat inspector to assess the condition of the refurbished seats – no issues were found and we packaged and shipped the seats within the required timeframe.

By utilising the remaining spare parts and assemblies, we also put together a bespoke spares package to allow the airline to adequately support any on-going repairs, which in turn helped the operator to avoid any unnecessary delays during their flight programme.

The operator leveraged this additional capacity to increase the effectiveness of a special programme of flights. Despite the short turnaround deadline, we were able to provide the operator with a package that met their specifications and budget. 

Robert Pearson – Head of Interiors