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    Andy Hutchinson, Senior Business Development Manager

    Post Written by: Andy Hutchinson, Senior Business Development Manager

    Posted: 22/03/22

    With travel restrictions, social distancing, and limited face to face meetings taking place, the pandemic has directly impacted the meetings and incentives industry. However, recent weeks have seen an upturn in requests from blue-chip corporations, the automotive industry and travel management companies, showing positive signs that the industry is recovering.

    So how did the pandemic shape the MICE industry, and how can aircraft charter support its recovery?

    Latest trends within the MICE industry

    During the past two years, global restrictions prevented companies from organising meetings and events. With these restrictions starting to ease, we are seeing increased enquiries for short and long-term projects across the industry sectors. This trend demonstrates that, despite the benefits of online meetings, companies see the advantage of face to face interactions. 

    Due to the uncertainty around the pandemic and potential new variants, companies are hesitant to commit to events, and we have seen lead times reduced noticeably. However, what hasn’t changed are the types of events being organised. As the restrictions are lifted, the cancelled events are now being reinstated.

    Key benefits of aircraft charter for MICE

    Increased welfare

    Employee duty of care has become the top priority for many companies. Organisations have reviewed their travel policies to ensure employees and clients travel safely. Private air charter plays an important role in allowing groups to travel in their bubbles while remaining socially distanced from the crowds and touchpoints at main terminals. Additionally, our charter team can pre-plan socially-distanced seating on board the aircraft. 

    Travel flexibility

    With limited scheduled flights, planning travel to some destinations can be challenging. However, with the flexibility of group air charter, even the most unlikely destinations become a reality. Air charter allows for the tailoring of routes, schedules, and itineraries to suit any requirement.

    Enhanced efficiency

    We understand that seamless travel is an essential factor for the MICE industry. With access to private terminals, effortless transitions and door-to-door options, our team can deliver a fast and effortless travel experience to all guests. 

    Peace of mind
    Let us do the job for you. The planning and preparation of events takes time and effort. Our dedicated Account Managers are at your disposal 24/7 and handle the entire flight operation, allowing you to focus on other priorities ahead of the big day.

    Enhanced travel experience

    Chartering an aircraft allows you to provide bespoke services on the ground and in the air, creating a lasting impression. Welcome drinks at private terminals, custom onboard refreshments, and branding options are all possible with our aircraft charter solutions.

    Are you planning an event for your key stakeholders? Give us a call +44 1737 232 230 or send an online enquiry to our dedicated charter team. We will be happy to look into options for you.


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