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Travelling with children on a private jet

Travelling with children can be challenging, but with a private jet charter, you can turn your family vacation into a stress-free experience with memories that will last a lifetime. As...

Travelling with children can be challenging, but with a private jet charter, you can turn your family vacation into a stress-free experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

As anyone who’s travelled on commercial flights with children knows, fighting your way through airport crowds is not for the faint-hearted – not to mention the drama of last-minute gate changes and delays.

Whether a short weekend getaway or a far-off vacation, a private jet charter is a fantastic alternative for family travel – with children receiving the same VIP treatment as corporate travellers.


With a private charter, your family can fly directly to the nearest airport to your desired destination – avoiding the stress of connecting flights and potential stopovers. From toddlers to teenagers, the ability to skip check-in and boarding queues makes life easier when travelling with children.

There are also no long waits when you arrive – meaning more time enjoying your family break. A car or helicopter transfer can be available to meet you at the airport, providing seamless travel to your final destination.


A private charter service offers incredible flexibility and convenience compared to scheduled airlines – including flight times. The departure time can factor in nap times, and the jet will wait for you if your children want to stay an extra day or spend a few more hours at the beach.

The flexibility of private charter also makes it ideal for those juggling work and family commitments. The holiday can continue without disruption if you need a quick trip back to the city for important business.

Privacy and security

Since the onset of Covid-19, the demand for private jets has soared among safety-conscious travellers. Hiring a private jet for your family means you’re not sharing a flight with 200 other passengers – giving you peace of mind.

When chartering an aircraft, you can travel from your nearest private airport, fly with your loved ones and be privately transferred to your accommodation without the crowds. Parents travelling with young children have no concerns about breastfeeding or changing a child while onboard.


Children under two qualify as lap passengers – meaning they can be held by their parents or travel in an approved baby carrier during the flight. With enough advanced notice, ACC Aviation can arrange to have a booster seat or car seat onboard.

Children two and older flying on a private jet need their own seats – generally wider and softer than on a commercial airline.


Keeping children entertained during a flight is always key to ensuring a smooth journey. Travel can be a fantastic tool to educate and broaden horizons. For younger children, there is the excitement of meeting the pilot and visiting the flight deck – something that is not possible on a scheduled commercial flight.

For older children, modern jets typically have ample power outlets for iPads and electronic devices and even wi-fi connectivity. Most private jets have advanced onboard entertainment systems – and ACC can also arrange for books and toys to be waiting onboard.


It can sometimes be difficult travelling with children and encouraging them to try new foods, especially if they are fussy eaters or have food allergies to take into account.

The catering onboard a private jet can be designed around your specific requirements, with a menu to accommodate your child’s tastes. You can also take children’s medication and other liquids on board the jet, subject to approved liquid limits and local restrictions.


At many private airports, your car can drop you off and meet you from the aircraft steps – an invaluable benefit for those travelling with young children, baby carriers, and strollers. Dedicated FBO staff and crew members will be on hand to help you board and load your luggage.

Choosing the perfect private jet for your next trip

When flying privately with children, choosing the right aircraft for your requirements is essential.

Hundreds of charter operators and thousands of aircraft are available on the market, presenting a bewildering array of choices.

ACC’s specialist charter team is on hand to find the most suitable private jet to hire, using a global database with updated information on aircraft availability and a vast network of vetted suppliers.

Private jet interiors vary significantly in size, so we’ll advise you on different aircraft types’ bathroom facilities and seating layouts if you’re flying with children. Regardless of what you need onboard, there’s a good chance our team will be happy to oblige.

Are you planning your next family trip?

Learn about our private jet services here

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