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    Richard Smith

    Post Written by: Richard Smith

    Posted: 03/05/22

    The last two years have been a time of unprecedented change and challenge for the travel industry – but confidence appears to be returning, and momentum is building as we look ahead to the rest of 2022 and into next year. 

    Forecasting the future is always tricky, and this is no ordinary year. Still, there are early signs of the travel market returning after airline revenues fell by as much as 100 per cent during the pandemic. 

    The latest IATA statistics show passenger traffic experiencing a strong rebound as Covid-19 becomes less burdensome on societies.

    The pandemic will continue to present challenges and uncertainties in the sector for some time – but after two years of pent-up demand, people are flying again.

    Adapting to an unpredictable travel market

    In what is a difficult business to predict, the charter market has a role to play a part in the recovery of the travel sector – an industry that is constantly adapting as new trends emerge and opportunities appear. 

    From responding to seasonal peaks to promoting new travel destinations off the beaten path, charter enables tour operators and travel companies to respond to changing consumer demand.

    Whether you’re looking for an ad hoc flight for a tour group, or a series of rotations to cover the busy summer season, charter offers unparalleled flexibility. 

    Why use a charter specialist?

    If you work as a travel agent or tour operator, charter enables you to present cost-effective, customisable packages to your clients – but sourcing the right aircraft for the job is far from straightforward. 

    You can book your own aircraft directly – but using a specialist charter broker has several distinct advantages – not least that all airlines and operators are limited in terms of their fleets.

    There are hundreds of charter operators and thousands of aircraft available on the market – presenting a bewildering array of choices. 

    Brokers have the expertise and long term relationships with airlines and operators to access fleets of trusted aircraft all over the world – offering the best options that can save you time and money.

    ACC uses a global database with constantly updated information on aircraft availability everywhere in the world and a vast network of vetted suppliers – from well-known flag carriers to niche charter operators. 

    Booking directly through an operator means paying retail pricing – whereas leveraging the relationships and volume buying power of ACC can provide a significant saving. 

    Using ACC also provides an extra level of oversight, with suppliers vetted for their financial and operational reliability – including reviewing the air operator’s operating certificate (AOC), safety record and insurance.

    Beyond the initial cost-saving benefits, ACC’s relationships with operators enable a smoother process throughout the whole operation – whether it’s a one-off flight or a series of charters.

    As a travel agent or tour operator, you probably have demanding customers and require excellent attention to detail. We can help liaise with the operator on every aspect of a charter, such as catering, passenger seating arrangements, branding, and more. 

    With the heightened awareness around safety and cleanliness, we are also able to work closely with operators on implementing additional measures you require – from group check-in arrangements to leaving empty seats onboard the aircraft.

    The benefit of an extensive supplier network is also invaluable when there are unexpected disruptions – for example, in the event of schedule changes or technical issues requiring a replacement aircraft. Our offices are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    In short, ACC is available to do the heavy lifting throughout the charter process. Tell us where you want to fly and when and we will take care of getting you there.

    Are you planning flights for the next season or an ad hoc flight for a tour group? Give us a call +44 1737 232 230 or send an online enquiry to our dedicated charter team. We will be happy to look into aircraft options for you.


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