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Music to your ears: Private jet charters for festivals

Are you going to any music festivals this year? This article explores upcoming music tours and how ACC can help you with your private jet travel needs.

With warmer weather just around the corner, summer 2023 promises a packed bill of festivals and musical highs. Last year saw major events return to normal after a trying couple of years, and the coming months will see many of the biggest DJs and bands gear up for headline performances once again.

Whether it’s Coachella (14-21 April), Download (8-11 June), Glastonbury (21-25 June), or Lolapalooza (3-6 July), some of the greatest names in rock music will attract thousands of fans from all over the world.

Elsewhere, some of the biggest acts in electronic dance music will light up festivals across Europe and North America, including EDC Las Vegas (19-21 May), Tomorrowland (21-30 July), and Creamfields (24-27 August).

Private jets for global tours

The music business is truly global in reach – with bands and acts performing at major showcases and one-off guest appearances, often involving complex logistical operations.

The air charter industry is essential in music tour travel, from private jet charters for individual performers and their families to narrow and wide-body aircraft for support crew and equipment.

With travel schedules dictated by a packed festival calendar and all-hour performances, ACC’s charter team is on hand to provide around-the-clock support.

The firm’s expertise in bespoke travel is already in high demand for the coming festival season – with a fully-managed charter service offering more convenience and flexibility than scheduled airlines.

Chartering an aircraft for music tours and events enables people to stay together in one party, avoiding the need for multiple flight bookings and having performers, their families, and support crew transit through crowded airport terminals.

A comfort of home

Another key benefit of private travel is the creature comforts it provides, which are often missed when touring or traveling. With options for a dedicated onboard bed to retire to between shows, control over catering and dietary choices, tailored onboard entertainment options and a familiar area to kick back and relax in, all while traveling at 40,000 feet – something not available on commercial flights.

The list continues – added benefits of a private jet charter for the music industry are the increased security and well-being it affords as artists can avoid crowded fan hotspots such as airport terminals and travel in quiet comfort ahead of their shows. Thanks to streamlined security processes, artists can arrive at the airport just minutes before scheduled departure, further reducing stress and total time away from home.

Charter flights can often land nearer to the venue for a music festival than commercial airlines, depending on the location and availability of airports. This benefit, combined with the added control over itineraries, often means tour managers can include additional shows/locations without extending the tour – fantastic for increasing tour profitability without impacting schedules.

Whether you are looking for a private jet for a festival slot or a complex series of flights between events, ACC has access to thousands of charter aircraft worldwide.

A great example of an aircraft available is a 62-seat VIP Boeing 757 – bridging the gap between private charter and scheduled services and providing a flexible transport solution for groups.

The VIP Boeing B757-200 combines luxury, range and capacity all in one. Its unique design and onboard features make this aircraft versatile and perfect for music tour charters.

Contact ACC

Wherever you’re performing in 2023, ACC Aviation is on hand to handle every detail of your tour requirements, from the choice of charter aircraft to bespoke in-flight catering, leaving you free to focus on what matters.

Since 2002, ACC Aviation has delivered market-leading solutions to the aviation industry. The peerless service and emphasis on reliability have made the firm one of the fastest-growing and most respected aviation service providers.


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