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How Does Private Jet Charter Work for Touring Artists and DJs?

ACC Charter Executive, Matt Feldon, talks about how private jet charter provides an essential logistical tool for the world’s most in-demand artists and DJs.

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We’re living in an era where regular touring has become a necessity for DJs and music artists to stay relevant and cultivate their fan base. ACC Charter Account Manager, Matt Feldon, knows what it takes to charter flights for some of music’s biggest names and talks about how private jet charter goes beyond image and provides an essential logistical tool for the world’s most in-demand artists.

Q: What are the main benefits of using private jet charter for artist travel?
In my experience, convenience is king. Flight routes and timings are tailored to the artist’s schedule and, depending on the airport, we can arrange for late night or early morning departures.

The use of airports inaccessible by scheduled flights minimises travel time, allowing artists to fly to multiple locations for back-to-back sets. A number of festivals take place at regional or military airports, so in some cases we can even arrange for the artist to land nearby and then ferry them in via helicopter transfer.

Having a personal jet at your disposal also affords a level of flexibility that other travel options can’t match.

Itineraries can be adjusted to accommodate last-minute schedule changes or the addition of extra shows during ‘down’ days. During a summer tour based in Ibiza, an artist’s management added additional shows in Italy and Hungary – we were able to arrange extensions at the various airports that meant they could get in and out quickly, without incurring accommodation costs.

Then, of course, there’s the comfort aspect of a private jet – aside from the luxurious interior, we can tailor the in-flight catering based on an artist’s preferences – from haute cuisine to hamburgers, Dom Pérignon to Dr Pepper.

Q: How does chartering a private jet for artists and DJs work?
It depends on their needs. Summer is an incredibly busy time, and while an artist may have a residency, they could be bolstering their schedule by playing a number of gigs in other countries as well.

In these cases, having a dedicated aircraft on call around the clock can be the best way forward, providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s an aircraft waiting on the tarmac for you whenever you need, wherever you need to go.

For the DJ touring various countries and festivals, we can coordinate more complicated, multi-leg itineraries, using an aircraft perfectly suited to their requirements.

Additionally, having a dedicated jet for the duration of their tour gives artists the added option of additional promotion by branding the aircraft in a bespoke livery, which is something we’ve arranged for a number of clients.

Alternatively, we can provide ad-hoc options for last-minute additions to an artist’s schedule. When one of the largest clubs in the Balearics had an artist drop out last year, we scrambled an aircraft to fly out a new headliner, who managed to find a gap in his schedule while playing a residency in Ibiza.

AfrojetACC Charter can arrange full exterior branding of an aircraft.

Q: Who organises private jet hire for artists and DJs?
We deal with people from every part of the industry, from artist and tour management to booking agents and promoters.

As mentioned previously, we even get last-minute requests from venues.

This experience means we completely understand the needs of artists and their representation, and are well equipped to deal with any requirements that they have.

Q: What types of aircraft can you charter?
While the majority of our music artist clients charter private jets ranging in size from 4 to 18 seats, we’ve had management teams ask for options to fly artists, their entourages and equipment, in which case we’d look at VIP-configured commercial aircraft with 30 to 100 seats.

This combines the comfort of a private jet with the capacity of a larger aircraft.

Additionally, we can arrange helicopter transfers for small groups over short distances, or to quickly ferry a client into and out of festival grounds.

Q: What happens if there’s an issue with the aircraft?
We work with a carefully vetted network of operators, selected for their reliability and quality of service. That being said, there is always the chance that an aircraft can suffer an unexpected technical issue.

If this happens, what matters most is how you deal with it – ACC always endeavours to find a replacement of the same size or larger, and our 24-hour operations team can source an  alternative aircraft in as little as a couple of hours.

When one of our clients’ summer tours was at risk of being disrupted when their aircraft went tech unexpectedly, we worked with the operator to find a solution. Our team located a larger replacement, minimising inconvenience to the client and giving them a more spacious cabin experience.

For more information about private jet charter options or for a quote, enquire online, email or speak with Matt or another member of our team on +44 (0)1737 232 230.

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