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Elevating college sports: The charter aircraft advantage

Chartering aircraft has become a game-changing trend in college sports. It offers efficiency, flexibility, athlete comfort, and privacy. This article highlights why chartering is a strategic choice and guides on selecting the right aircraft for your team.

In the world of college sports, achieving peak performance is about more than what happens on the training pitch.  

In recent years, chartering aircraft has emerged as a transformative trend. Similar to the way private charters have revolutionized business travel, they are setting a new standard for college sports.  

Streamlining college sports travel

From regular season games to showcase events like the College Football Playoffs, March Madness, or the NCAA Women’s College Cup, let’s explore why aircraft charter is a game changer: 

Efficiency and time-saving: College sports teams, whether in football, soccer, ice hockey, or basketball, often embark on journeys that span the nation. Charter aircraft provide a shortcut to their destination, offering direct flights to the nearest airport without the hassles of connecting flights and layovers.  

Flexible flight schedules: The flexibility of private charter is also a winner for teams with demanding schedules. Charter aircraft can adapt departure times to accommodate players’ needs or extend stays at destinations. This flexibility also serves coaches, scouts and support staff who may need to handle additional business without disrupting the team’s travel plans. 

Athlete comfort:Air charters offer a level of comfort that commercial airline services cannot match and cater to athletes of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 6-foot-10-inch center or a 325-pound offensive lineman, charter operators can make arrangements to meet your specific needs and preferences – ensuring your team arrives in peak condition. 

Privacy and peace of mind: Chartering an aircraft for sports travel ensures you’re flying with your own crew, free from the concerns of sharing a flight with numerous strangers. Private airports and onboard privacy provide a comfortable journey for all, offering peace of mind to players and coaching staff. 

Catering tailored to your needs: Catering can be customized to meet the tastes and dietary requirements of college athletes – ensuring a stress-free culinary experience during travel. From energy drinks to nutritional supplements, if your collegiate program has established partnerships or preferred suppliers, arrangements can be made. 

Efficient baggage handling: Imagine advancing to the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament, or “Frozen Four,” and risking vital equipment being lost in transit. Charters can provide seamless solutions for traveling with luggage and bulky equipment – an essential component for many sports. Many private airports allow for convenient drop-offs right at the aircraft, streamlining the boarding and luggage handling process. 

Selecting the perfect charter aircraft for your college sports travel

Choosing the right aircraft is a pivotal aspect of flying with a college sports team. ACC Aviation’s team provides access to a global database with real-time information on aircraft availability and an extensive network of vetted suppliers.  

Our specialists can guide you through the selection process, considering factors such as aircraft size, seating layouts, and other specifics to ensure the ideal match for your team’s needs. 

Regional aircraft: Regional jets and turboprops can accommodate sports teams for efficient and comfortable short-haul charter flights. The Embraer ERJ 145 and Bombardier CRJ-200 regional jets are good examples of aircraft in this category, accommodating approximately 50 passengers in a single-class configuration. However, some charter operators configure the aircraft with fewer seats to provide more spacious seating or offer additional amenities for college sports teams. 

Narrow-body jets: For longer journeys and larger teams, narrow-body jets like the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 are popular. A great example of an aircraft ACC can offer is the Embraer E170 – available in 64-seat and 30-seat configurations – perfectly balancing cost and comfort while allowing whole teams and coaching staff to travel together. 

VIP and luxury jets: Some high-profile programs with substantial budgets also charter private jets, such as the Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+, Bombardier Challenger 350, or Gulfstream G550. Private jets are valuable tools for athlete recruitment and scouting, allowing the coaching staff to visit potential recruits and their families or top donors. 

Specialists for college sports travel

Chartering aircraft for college sports teams isn’t just a luxury – it’s a strategic move to enhance performance. Since 2002, ACC Aviation has been at the forefront of delivering market-leading charter solutions, and we understand the unique demands of sports air travel. 

Whether you are looking for a one-off charter to a showcase NCAA event or a series of flights for the regular season, our experienced team is dedicated to providing seamless and top-tier travel solutions.  

Elevate your college sports program with ACC Aviation and experience the difference that a dedicated charter partner can make. 

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