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Chicago IL – Private Jet Charter

We will fly you to, or from, the historic City of Chicago in a private jet tailored to your party size and requirements.

From piston aircraft for shorter trips, to Ultra Long Range aircraft for superior luxury, private jet charter from ACC Aviation offers a world of choice. If you have a specific aircraft in mind, we will use our global network of trusted and vetted private jet operators to fly you to or from any airport around Chicago.

We take care of everything and once on board, the aircraft is yours, exclusively. Private, secure, comfortable – from takeoff to touchdown.

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Private jet charter to or from Chicago, IL

ACC Aviation can provide private jet charter flights to/from Chicago, home to numerous major airports and smaller private airports. Contact us or use our flight estimate tool if you are looking to charter a jet to/from

  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • Chicago Executive Airport / Wheeling (PWK)
  • DuPage Airport (DPA)
  • Lewis University Airport (LOT)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD)
  • Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY)
  • Aurora Municipal Airport (ARR)
  • Lake in the Hills Airport (3CK)
  • Waukegan Regional Airport (UGN)

Even if your preferred airport is not listed, our team of experts will be happy to assist.

The most used airports for private charter around Chicago are Chicago Midway (MDW) and Chicago Executive Airport / Wheeling (PWK). Midway is a popular choice for quick and easy access to downtown Chicago, while Chicago Executive Airport provides convenient access to the suburbs of the greater Chicago area.

Chicago Private
Private Jet Routes to or from Chicago


We provide private jet charter services to and from Chicago, IL with access to hundreds of different airports nationwide and internationally.

Some of the most popular routes include:

  • Private jet charter flights from Chicago to Miami
  • Private jet charter flights from Chicago to New York
  • Private jet charter flights from Chicago to Scottsdale / Phoenix
  • Private jet charter flights from Chicago to Las Vegas
  • Private jet charter flights from Miami to Chicago


One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How much does it cost to book a private jet?” The simple answer is that it depends on a number of different factors, such as the distance traveled, the size and type of aircraft used, and the time you require the aircraft for.

Every journey is unique, which means there is no standard as to what a private jet charter flight may cost. However, to give you an idea, you can access our live quoting tool to price out your charter route(s). We have also included some steps you can take to make your private jet experience more transparent

Travel Guide Chicago


It is important to understand what is included in your private jet charter quote. Although a reputable private jet charter company will talk you through your options and the associated costs to keep you on budget, we have provided a list of what you typically get included in the price:

HOURLY RATE: This is the hourly cost incurred by operating the aircraft. For short flights aboard larger jets, the operator may require a minimum charge (usually 2-3 hours).

PERMITS: Payable when flying over countries outside of the US. Additionally, some airports, during special events, may require a Prior Permission Required (PPR) number before arrival.

LANDING, HANDLING, AND PARKING: These fees are charged by airports and depend on the weight and size of aircraft.

CATERING: Included catering will vary depending on the size of aircraft and the duration of your flight. A light jet may only be able to provide snacks and soft drinks, while a heavy jet equipped with a full galley will more likely serve a full meal. Similarly, if your flight is short, there may not be sufficient time for a full catering service. Any specifically requested items or meals may be provided at an additional cost.

OUT OF HOURS: Only select airports operate 24/7, although some airports may charge out of hours fees to extend their opening hours for arrivals or departures during the night. Similarly, if you need cabin crew overnight, or to stay in a destination overnight, this will add to the cost. However, if we are aware of the details of your itinerary, we will include this in the price quoted.

REPOSITIONING FEES: If an aircraft is located outside of your departure city the plane will need to reposition to the airport that is being utilized. Under normal circumstances the aircraft that is being used will be in your region. This flight is also referred to as a deadhead and is charged at a subsidized rate. A reputable charter advisor will present aircraft with the least amount of repositioning.

WI-FI/PHONE: Depending on the aircraft, use of Wi-Fi and the phone on board may be included or charged according to usage, per minute/MB. Your aircraft charter consultant will be able to confirm this at time of quoting.

How can I get the best private jet charter price?


  1. Fly on weekdays rather than weekends.
  2. Consider a turboprop over a jet for short journeys.
  3. Charter a plane during quieter seasons.
  4. Use private airports.
  5. If you are flying long distance and time is not a factor, consider choosing an aircraft that requires a fuel stop.
  6. Take a roundtrip on the same day.
  7. Downsize your aircraft where possible.
  8. Consider single pilot certified aircraft.
  9. Consider older aircraft.
  10. Search for Empty legs.


If you are unsure whether you need a Very Light Jet, Midsize Jet, or Ultra Long Range Jet, call +1 954 686 5220 to speak with a member of our team, who will be more than happy to recommend the most suitable options available.

If you have a specific aircraft in mind, we will use our global network of trusted and vetted private jet operators to fly you to or from any airport around Chicago.

HondaJet: Perfect for 2-3 passengers on flights of 2 hours or less

Phenom 300: Perfect for 6-7 passengers on flights of 3 to 4 hours

Falcon 50: Perfect for 8-9 passengers on flight of 5 to 6 hours

Gulfstream G-IVSP: Perfect for 10–13 passengers on flights of 5 to 6 hours

Global Express: Perfect for 12-13 passengers on flights of 8+ hours

Executive jet charter – FAQs

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Working in Chicago

Working in Chicago

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois with a population of more than 2.7 million, making it the third most populated city in the United States after LA and New York.

Did you know that Chicago is listed as one of the top ten Financial Centers in the World and is an important hub for business. The city is home to the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.

At time of writing, Chicago was also reported to host the headquarters of 17 Financial Times 500 Companies and 12 Fortune Global 500 Companies. Chicago is also an important center for infrastructure, telecommunications and industry, including publishing, printing, food processing and manufacturing.

Chicago has the third largest convention center in the United States, with most conventions being held at McCormick Place. It is also home to the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) in the heart of downtown Chicago. The 110-story building is one of the tallest buildings in the world and the second tallest building in North America, making it impossible to miss when appreciating the city’s skyline.

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Bitesized Travel Guide

Bitesize Travel Guide

Chicago is a popular tourist destination, reportedly attracting more than 50 million domestic and international leisure travelers a year.

Major visitor attractions in Chicago include Lincoln Park and the Chicago Cultural Centre and the city is also home to many exhibition centers, theatres, galleries and music venues. The city also has many golf courses and options for fishing and yacht excursions. Look out for:

  • 29 miles of Lakefront Paths
  • Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)
  • Hancock Observatory
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Chicago History Museum
  • The Joffrey Ballet
  • The Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings
  • The Chicago Cubs and The Chicago White Sox
  • The Chicago Bulls
  • The Chicago Bears
  • The Garfield Park Observatory and Lincoln Park Observatory
  • Millenium Park
  • Lollapalooza
  • Chicago Yacht Club
  • Navy Pier
  • …and so much more

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Best Time to Visit Chicago


Many people say that the best times to visit Chicago are April through May and between September and October, when the temperatures are more comfortable than the summer and winter months. Summer marks Chicago’s peak tourist and festival season, with travelers from around the country hoping to take advantage of the warm weather. And of course, Chicago experiences cold temperatures from November to March.

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Working in Chicago

Working in Chicago

Bitesized Travel Guide

Bitesize Travel Guide

Best Time to Visit Chicago

Best Time to Visit Chicago

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