Private Jet Rental

Whether you’re looking to avoid the crowds, reach a remote location or need control of your itinerary, chartering a private jet could be the answer.

Business Jet Charter

ACC Aviation supports businesses worldwide with dependable business charter solutions.

Group Air Charter

ACC continues to deliver successful highly-complex group charter projects on behalf of clients around the globe.

Rapid Air Support

ACC Aviation supports businesses worldwide with dependable business charter solutions. 

Cargo Charter

ACC Charter sources specialist cargo aircraft globally. We provide 24 hour air freight support, with the ability to deliver small parts, vehicles or outsize cargo – with “go now” emergency response.


ACC works closely with tour managers and international acts. We know the industry and the pressures of touring – the last-minute changes and unforeseen events.

Sport Teams

Arriving on time, rested and prepared gives athletes the competitive edge – one that scheduled commercial flights can’t provide.


We work closely with colleges and universities helping them source affordable air charter options for any travel scenario.


ACC provides flights for small corporate groups and large groups of 1,000+ employees travelling to milestone company events. 


ACC acts as an approved supplier to defence ministries and government delegations around the world.


ACC provides aircraft charter services and logistical planning for the oil and gas industry. Our experience with energy sector clients means we understand the crew and equipment needs of offshore and onshore rigs.

Tour Operators

ACC works with the world’s leading tour operators, to create experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations.


Aircraft charter provides a custom built flight programme, putting you in the driving seat. Every detail is designed to dovetail seamlessly with your event – whether it’s a product launch, press event or dealer incentive.


Our team of experienced air charter, ACMI and aviation consulting specialists work as one to provide the best service possible to our global clients.

Group charter private jet

Aircraft Portfolio – Freedom II LLC

ACC Aviation is the exclusive marketing agent for the VIP Boeing 757-200 and two Embraer E170 aircraft operated by Freedom II LLC. Through our partnership with Freedom II LLC, our clients gain exclusive access to aircraft that meet a range of chartering requirements.

VIP Boeing 757 – 200

The VIP Boeing B757-200 combines Luxury, Range and Capacity all in one. Its unique design and onboard features make this aircraft very versatile, thus accommodating many types of different charter needs.


Key Features

  • Maximum Range : 4,500 nm / 9.5 hours
  • Maximum Passengers up to 62 passengers
  • Sleeping Beds: one double bed
  • Cabin Sizes: Length: 36.07m / 118ft 4in, Width: 3.54m / 11ft 7in, Height: 2.15m / 7ft 1in
  • Baggage Capacity: Up to ~200 bags (subject to final volume and weight)
private charter business lounge
private charter business lounge

Embraer E170

The Embraer E170 offers a comfortable economic option for ad hoc group air travel. It is ideal for collegiate teams or regular corporate shuttles.


Key Features

  • Maximum Cruise Speed: M 0.82
  • Maximum Range: 2,100 nm / 3,889 km
  • Maximum Passengers: up to 64 passengers
  • Seat Pitch: 36″
  • Maximum payload: 9,759 kg / 21,515 lb

Talk to our charter team today

Our team of charter specialists is here to help you choose the best aircraft for your needs. In addition to the featured aircraft, ACC Aviation has access to a wide range of aircraft, ranging from smaller private jets to larger airliners. Let us know what your next mission is, and our team will be happy to assist you.  

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