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An urgent private aircraft for a professional lacrosse team

ACC Aviation was approached to source a last-minute air charter solution to fly players from a professional lacrosse team and their equipment from Calgary to Saskatoon.

Customer: Professional Lacrosse Team

Reason for charter: Flying a professional lacrosse team to Saskatoon

Aircraft: King Air 200



A professional lacrosse team was travelling to Calgary for a flight connection to Saskatoon ahead of their national league match. A mechanical issue occurred on their initial flight, which caused the team to miss their connecting flight from Calgary. The team needed to be in Saskatoon by 5.00PM the next day for their match. Unfortunately, the next available flight was not for another three days.


ACC Aviation was approached to source a suitable travel solution to fly 12 lacrosse players and their equipment from Calgary to Saskatoon. With the commercial flight delayed due to mechanical issues, ACC’s charter team had to act fast to source an appropriate aircraft to fly the team and their equipment in time for the game. Unfortunately, the weather conditions in Calgary were poor, and aircraft availability was extremely limited.


Despite the limited availability, ACC sourced numerous flight solutions thanks to its unparalleled operator network. ACC ensured contingency solutions were in place to account for variations in the team’s eventual arrival time into Calgary while considering variables such as weather and personal luggage.

Once in Calgary, the client needed further help to retrieve their already-checked luggage from the commercial airline. ACC arranged a total of three flights on the King Air 200 to fly the passengers and their cargo and equipment.

Throughout the project, ACC’s charter team constantly communicated with all parties involved, including the lacrosse team, their travel agent and the operator, ensuring the team was ready to depart as soon as possible ahead of their games in Saskatoon.


The lacrosse team arrived at the game on time and made a strong impression in the league. Despite external complications, ACC Aviation sourced a travel solution within budget and on time.

Key achievements:

    • Provided last-minute solutions, despite challenging weather conditions and budget restrictions
    • Prepared and executed contingency options to accommodate all players and their equipment
    • ACC resolved the task efficiently and helped the lacrosse team arrive at their destination ahead of the game, despite the project’s complexity

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