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With a series of lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the automotive industry plunged in the first quarter of 2020. Despite the huge shortage of semiconductors chips, worldwide car sales grew in 2021. As the industry shows signs of recovery, we explore how air charter can support the industry.

With a series of lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the automotive market dropped in the first quarter of 2020. However, despite the shortage of semiconductor chips, worldwide car sales grew in 2021. With signs of recovery now showing, we explore how air charter can support the automotive industry.

Car dealerships remain an important touchpoint within the customer decision journey and, together with the press, are an important voice for manufacturers. As a result, automotive press events and dealership training are widespread within the industry.

Efficient travel worldwide

The majority of training events for dealers involve pre-planned and staggered group trips to a specific destination. Efficiency and commitment to a set timeframe are essential for a successful training program. Group air charter provides companies with complete peace of mind as all passengers travel together from the departure point to the final destination. Group air charter reduces pressure and removes the risk of individual delays or flight cancellations.

Tailored flight schedule

With limited scheduled flights, it is often challenging to find suitable options in sync with the overall event schedule. With our aircraft charter solutions, event organisers can specify a flight time that suits them – to and from an airport of their choice. Group air charters allow guests to arrive at the most appropriate time, reducing the need for overnight hotels and additional transit costs. We can also arrange for shuttles from the airport, providing a point-to-point service.

Flexible choice of aircraft

We have worked with almost all major automotive companies, transporting passengers to numerous venues worldwide. Our teams understand that group travel requirements can vary between stakeholders. By leveraging our network of vetted aircraft suppliers, we provide the perfect aircraft to meet the group’s needs as a whole, from smaller private jets to narrow or widebody aircraft.

Uncompromised safety

Chartering an aircraft has proven to be the most appropriate travel solution during the pandemic when it comes to passenger safety. Groups can travel in bubbles away from other passengers, and airport touchpoints are reduced significantly. All charter airlines are licensed and operated according to the same international aviation rules, regulations, and operating standards as scheduled airlines. At ACC Aviation, the safety and comfort of our clients is paramount. Therefore, we only work with the best suppliers on the market.

Lasting impression

The pandemic has brought event travel for the automotive industry to a standstill. As the industry re-starts, we know that first impressions count and chartering an aircraft puts you in the driver’s seat. Flight schedules and routes, onboard services, and aircraft category can all be tailored to meet the event’s exact needs.


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