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    ACC provides aircraft charter services and logistical planning for the oil and gas industry. Our experience with energy sector clients means we understand the crew and equipment needs of offshore and onshore rigs. We tailor aircraft charter solutions for one-off movements of personnel, regular crew rotations, site visits, cargo movements and evacuation flights.

    Crew and Personnel Movements

    Rigs are located in remote and often challenging environments, requiring bespoke air services to move crew. ACC specializes in challenging situations, transporting crew safely, reliably and on budget. Our global supplier network allows us to develop and deliver air logistics support for the lifetime of complex projects.

    Consultancy for the Oil and Gas Industry

    When working in remote and hostile environments, emergency response planning is essential.

    ACC supports the development of crisis management procedures for oil and gas sites. We advise and support organisations, building emergency response and business continuity plans that include evacuations and time-critical crew positioning. We’ll remain on standby, ready to execute emergency protocols – immediately at the point of need.

    When investigating a potential site, we research local infrastructure and restrictions, to identify the most appropriate solutions that meet your air travel requirements.