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Air charter for music tours: what to consider

Travel and transportation are crucial factors that demand careful planning in the entertainment industry. In this article, you will discover what to consider when planning a private jet or group flight and the top tips for organizing the perfect aircraft for your music tour.

For the entertainment industry, more so than any other, travel and transportation are crucial factors that demand careful planning. Tour managers are juggling multiple moving parts, and the efficiencies of the transport arrangements often decide the financial success of a tour. While scheduled services can be a suitable option in some cases, air charter is preferred due to its flexibility, efficiency, and privacy.

Air charter allows for a more tailored travel experience, especially when transporting large groups of people and equipment on multiple legs, as well as reaching remote locations that may not be easily accessible by scheduled airlines – meaning you’re often able to schedule more shows without extending tour dates.

How to book an air charter for your tour:

1. Determine your needs: Before you start looking for an air charter provider, you need to determine your transportation needs. Consider the number of people in your group, the destinations you need to reach, and the dates of your tour or show schedule.

2. Choose your provider: Once you know what you need, you can look for an air charter provider. Look for a provider with proven experience in supporting the entertainment industry, and make sure they have coverage for all areas of the tour.

3. Book your charter: Once you have chosen your provider, you can book your charter.
Provide them with all the necessary information about your tour, including the number of passengers, the destinations, and the dates. You should also discuss any special requirements you may have, such as equipment transportation or catering options.

4. Finalize your itinerary: Once you have booked your charter, you should finalize your itinerary. Ensure you provide your charter broker/account manager with any changes to your schedule as soon as possible so they can make the necessary arrangements.

As a tour manager, air charter is your flexible choice. With its flexibility, convenience, equipment transport capabilities, privacy, and time savings, air charter offers many advantages over and above scheduled services.

Working with an experienced charter broker like ACC allows you to focus on the details that matter – our account managers are on hand, catering to any last-minute requests the talent may have, so you’re free to concentrate on the revenue-driving aspects of the tour or program.

Boeing 757-200 – perfect aircraft for music tours

ACC Aviation is proud to be the exclusive marketing agent for Freedom II for a VIP Boeing B757-200. The all-VIP Boeing 757 is ideal for music tours and the entertainment industry. The aircraft features a spacious cabin with comfortable seating, various onboard entertainment options and amenities to ensure maximum comfort during long flights and multi-leg tours. The aircraft can be customized to meet the group’s specific needs with branded elements and customized IFE. With a range of up to 4,700 nautical miles, the aircraft can travel to destinations worldwide, making it an ideal choice for tours that require travel to remote locations, and a 10,000 kg cargo capacity meets the needs of the most equipment-intensive groups.

Contact ACC

At ACC Aviation, we understand the unique needs of the entertainment industry and have the experience and expertise to provide customized air charter solutions to meet those requirements. With our global coverage, extensive supplier network, and commitment to safety and reliability, we’ve been providing unmatched charter services for 20 years. Contact us today to learn how we can help make your next tour a resounding success.


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Aircraft charter for music, film and television

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