After a turbulent 2022, our corporate charter teams are beginning to see green shoots of recovery as businesses look ahead at this year’s travel schedules.

Between infrastructure-driven capacity issues and the rising cost of premium cabin options, scheduled services are becoming a less viable option for corporations requiring dependable and cost-effective travel solutions.

While hesitation is still the keyword for corporate travel managers, many are exploring the benefits that charter can offer, especially as businesses look to address pent-up demand for face-to-face meetings, events, roadshows, product launches and general staff movements, driven by 2022’s challenging run.

The benefits of corporate air charter


As scheduled operators felt the squeeze from both sides with deferred maintenance schedules, staff shortages and slot restrictions, many routes were cancelled – often with minimal notice to travellers. Last-minute cancellations can cause havoc to even the best-laid plans.

Chartering an aircraft provides significantly increased reliability – whether a one-off charter, a corporate shuttle program or a highly-complex fully-managed travel schedule, you can rest assured knowing you’re in capable hands. We can route around weather, avoid certain airports and increase capacity, all at a moment’s notice.


While aviation remains one of the safest travel options, crowded passenger terminals pose a genuine concern for health-conscious travel managers. With hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through hub airports like Heathrow daily, businesses are now considering the health implications caused by crowded areas as a tangible cost of staff travel.

When flying private, on most occasions, your staff will check in via a private terminal, avoid crowds, and be driven directly to the awaiting and fully-sanitised aircraft.


An obvious-yet-valuable benefit of chartering is traveller comfort – extending far beyond private jets and executive movements. When chartering, your staff have access to more comfortable check-in facilities, spacious cabins, route planning to the most efficient airports and highly-streamlined security processing, ensuring they’re ready to perform at their peak the moment they touch down.


On most occasions, some onward travel is required when flying scheduled, especially for longer-haul routes where airlines employ hub-and-spoke route models. This can easily wipe out an entire day’s productivity, incur additional costs for accommodation and significantly impact travel plans. Corporate air charter allows your staff to fly directly to their destination on the most appropriate A-to-B route.

In addition to dictating the routes, you have complete control of the entire travel program. Whether you need to ramp up flight numbers, reduce passengers, or alter times and dates, you have control.


Cost is an unlikely benefit when considering corporate air charter as a travel option. However, the rising cost of group bookings in premium cabins can easily eclipse the cost of a whole-aircraft charter. Add the benefits above, and charter becomes a cost-effective alternative to scheduled services. If cost is a driving factor in your travel planning process, we can discuss passenger consolidation options to reduce staff travel overheads.

For more information on the cost benefits of chartering, reach out to us at +44 1737 232 230 or +1 954 686 5220, and our charter teams will happily look at your schedules and advise on potential avenues for cost reductions.


Carbon emissions can be offset to minimise your journey’s environmental footprint. ACC is proud to offer carbon offsetting options on all of our flights, thanks to our close partnership with Positive Planet.

In addition to carbon offsetting, chartering allows you to fly more direct routes, eliminating the need for onward travel and further reducing travel emissions.

For more information on our carbon offsetting program, please visit our carbon offsetting page.

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Whether you need a very light jet or private jet for executives, a widebody aircraft for more significant staff movements, or even a helicopter for last-mile travel and crew rotations, the benefits of charter are obvious.

ACC has over twenty years of experience working with organisations across multiple industries – from manufacturing, construction and energy to financial and business services. Our in-house team of charter experts can add value to your corporate travel calendar, irrespective of the complexity.

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