We’re proud of the direction we’re heading

It is our duty not only to operate sustainably and ethically but to champion a shift in thinking and lead by example in the industry. We’re embracing our responsibilities as an organisation.

As a global organisation, we rapidly learned that inclusion is a vital component in highly-successful business. 

While we’ve been committed to genuine inclusion from day one, we understand more needs to be done to affect change in the broader industry – we’re committed to bridging that gap.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our people are at the heart of what we do. For over twenty years, we’ve grown collaboratively, drawing on the strength of a diverse workforce.

I believe that through genuine inclusion, we unleash the power of diversity, making us a more sustainable organisation where people are valued and protected.

Philip Mathews, CEO


Why inclusion matters for a global business

We’re a business that operates across many cultures throughout the world. For us, it’s essential to understand those cultural differences – it makes for a more enjoyable working environment, and it allows us to serve our clients more appropriately. Diversity is a powerful tool.

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