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    Medical equipment is in short supply and getting personal protective equipment, ventilators and even basic foods into the hands of those who need it most is proving to be extremely fraught – but air cargo charter is taking some of the burden, at a time when passenger flights are grounded and aircraft can be put to better use.

    We can get closer to the destination

    We have access to airports and airfields outside of scheduled routes, so supplies can get closer to their destination, faster than any other transport method available.

    With pure freighters in such high demand, we’re able to utilise passenger airliners for their belly hold capacity and, where possible, in their cabins. Large payloads of essential supplies can be split into smaller, local deliveries at hub airports, to be delivered by helicopter or ground transport.

    We’ll turn around a viable, achievable itinerary and deploy it in a matter of hours – anywhere in the world.

    What we can move

    ACC comes well-prepared for crises, thanks to our experience in disaster planning and emergency logistics. We’ve achieved this through our Rapid Air Support consultancy.

    Right now, there’s huge demand globally for personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators. Hospitals, even those in developed nations, simply haven’t got enough PPE to protect staff, or enough ventilators to treat patients suffering from coronavirus.

    While some countries (and private companies) have a surplus of supplies, others have none – and at a time when production has ramped up, moving the parts and the finished goods themselves is going to require an international effort.

    We can move these life-saving materials in huge quantities – fast.

    We can also assist with emergency international aid, essential food and water supplies, and the rapid deployment of vital personnel – to keep the world moving through this pandemic.

    Cargo Jet Charter

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