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  • Scott Collier
  • Nick Kielly
  • Andy Pierce
  • Michael Doherty
  • Cameron Llewylen
  • Slavik Schiopu
  • Paul Bowen
  • Daniel Huggins
  • Gavin Archibald
Scott Collier


Scott Collier

Joining ACC’s leasing division, ACMI 24, back in 2012, Scott draws on his extensive experience from across all areas of the industry to deliver results, from the tour operating and airline operational and commercial sectors to running his own leasing company.

Vocal and outgoing, Scott thrives on finding the opportunity in adversity, embracing the challenges that the more difficult leasing markets, such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, present.

Scott’s great loves include spending time with his daughter, Fulham FC, horse racing, golf and rugby.

He also fancies himself as a bit of a culinary artiste and, trust us on this, Scott could give David Dickinson tanning tips.

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