Other Services

We offer the below additional services.

  • In-Flight Entertainment systems
  • Parts procurement
  • Seat Cover Replacement
  • In-Flight Entertainment systems

    In-Flight Entertainment system integration is a complex process and the procurement of IFE parts on the aftermarket can be particularly difficult, requiring a specialist vendor. Having an expert’s opinion on-hand to guide you through can be invaluable and our team are available to assist whenever necessary.

    ACC Interiors has access to an extensive array of IFE systems and Avionic shops for SVC and tag, whether you’re sourcing an entire system or individual parts.

    Parts procurement

    When it comes to parts procurement, our network of interior parts and aircraft refurbishment companies provides access to an abundance of aircraft interior inventory. Whether you need a widely available or rare part, our coverage of the aftermarket gives you the best chance of location and competitive pricing.

    We support a broad range of parts, including dividers, PSUs, cabin bins, tray tables, life vests and seat belts. Let ACC Interiors’ experts work on your behalf to source the aircraft parts you need, saving you time and money.

    Seat Cover Replacement

    New aircraft seat covers can revitalise your cabin, breathing new life into used airplane seats and transforming your passengers’ experience. ACC Interiors can identify the suppliers with available materials, bypassing OEM waits and significantly reducing lead times.

    We work across a number of suppliers to ensure that you receive the most competitive prices. And, regardless of whether aircraft seat covers are fabric or leather, we provide burn data and full minor modification documentation.

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