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With access to part numbers and seat assemblies not obtainable via part platforms, ACC Interiors can provide support for all classes and types of aircraft seats, from economy, premium, business and first through to crew and cockpit seating, allowing you to find commercial aircraft seats that fit your needs.

  • Comprehensive seat model support
  • Bespoke proposals
  • Unique supplier relationships
  • The world’s largest database of aircraft seats
  • Comprehensive seat model support

    ACC Interiors provides access to the latest and most popular models of used slim line aircraft seats, including economy Recaro 3520, 3510, ACRO, BE Spectrum, Pinnacle, Weber 5600, Geven and many more.

    In business class we offer the popular Weber 5810, 7070, BE Millennium and Recaro 4400, as well as first class seating.

    Bespoke proposals

    We can create bespoke proposals, designed to help you make the most informed choice, with detailed imagery, technical specifications and costings.

    Our interior specialists build a bespoke proposal for your requirement, providing a selection of different offers designed to help you make the most informed choice for your aircraft.

    Each of our proposals contain pictures, technical specifications and costings to support the decision-making process.

    Our team are on hand every step of the way to offer advice on buying aircraft seats, including answering any queries you may have on lead times and expected quality.

    Unique supplier relationships

    Our seat inventory has a listing of 300+ unique suppliers and we have long-standing relationships with the world’s largest interior MROs.

    ACC Interiors works with over 300 unique suppliers, from specialist seat inventory stockists and aircraft seat refurbishment companies to MROs, airlines and part suppliers, to provide you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date aircraft seat inventory. We trade with some of the world’s largest interior shops, maintaining constant communication to offer up-to-the-minute availability, providing full coverage of the used aircraft seats aftermarket.

    The world’s largest database of aircraft seats

    With 2,500 listed shipsets, ACC Interiors’ database of aftermarket aircraft seats is the largest in the world, giving you access to the broadest range of stock including difficult to locate items and the most economic prices.

    We list part numbers and seat assemblies for all commercial and commuter aircraft, including those not obtainable via part platforms. Additionally, we catalogue inventory by aircraft type, configuration and manufacturer, facilitating the process of locating individual assemblies or whole shipsets of seats.

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