Specialist Solutions

Our specialist aircraft charter services are available for all kinds of purposes. It can offer an essential lifeline at times of crisis. It can provide mission-critical operational support in major emergencies. It can help you move freight from A to B. It can even help you see (and film) things from a new perspective.

  • Emergency Response
  • Aerial Filming
  • Military
  • Cargo
  • Emergency Response

    If you have overseas workers in volatile or unstable countries, it’s essential to have an emergency evacuation plan, prepared in advance and always ready to be put into action. We can prepare this in consultation with you and be permanently on standby to implement it at a moment’s notice.

    When time is of the essence, we provide air support exactly wherever and whenever it is needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should the unthinkable happen, all the help you need is one call away.

    Aerial Filming

    With film and television productions increasing in both scale and scope, we can help you capture the action from on high.

    We have many years of experience in arranging aerial filming. Trust us to provide you with the right aircraft to realise your vision, incorporating the flexibility, speed and budget you need to make your production a success.


    We understand the precision, resourcefulness and fast reaction times required for providing air support to armed forces, utilising civilian aircraft to move troops to designated staging points, to rendezvous with military transports prior to being shuttled into theatre. We are an approved supplier to several defence ministries and have arranged many flights supporting their deployments.

    We have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to source the ideal aircraft to transport personnel or equipment. We can navigate the regulatory minefield too, and ensure necessary licenses and authorisations are obtained through the correct channels. So, you can be certain that your mission is carried out with military precision.


    Hazardous, outsize or destined for remote destinations - regardless of what you’re transporting where, you want to know that your cargo is secure.

    Our team uses its global network of contacts, wealth of experience and in-depth market intelligence to recommend, source and deliver a coordinated logistical solution.

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