Group Charter

International conferences, incentive trips, product launches, sports teams and supporters or sending holidaymakers on the journey of a lifetime – whatever your reason for group aircraft charter, our team is on-hand around the clock to assist with large group flights over 19 passengers.

  • Meetings & Events
  • Corporate Shuttles
  • Sports
  • Music Tours & Entertainment
  • Tour Operators
  • Meetings & Events

    Whether you’re coordinating transport for a global conference, product launch or organising an incentive trip to reward your top performers, we create a seamless experience. Chartering an aircraft allows you to start your event as your passengers arrive at the airport and last all the way through to their return, maximising its impact.

    Our consultants work behind the scenes at every stage to ensure your event makes an unforgettable and positive impression you can be truly proud of.

    Corporate Shuttles

    Your staff’s time is an expensive commodity you don’t want to waste on hours spent waiting in airport lounges. Scheduled flights often don’t allow day return trips between international sites. Flights often use airports several hours travel away from where you need to be, creating additional hotel costs and expenses.

    A corporate shuttle is the answer. We can arrange a dedicated flight operating as often as you need, daily or weekly, between the closest airports to your sites. Whether you have a handful or hundreds of passengers, we can create an optimised schedule, which normally offers a significant saving on your business travel spend.

    With our experience of operating thousands of shuttle flights for some of the world’s largest businesses, you can trust us with the task of managing your workforce travel logistics.


    Sports teams and their equipment need to travel to international competitions and be sure of arriving on time, healthy and prepared to play at their peak. Equally, supporters want to be there for the big event. Our experts excel in arranging complex multi- aircraft programmes for team only, supporters only or combined flights.

    We consider every aspect of your needs, from cost and comfort to specialist catering agreed with team nutritionists to comply with pre-match preparation.

    Music Tours & Entertainment

    The complexities and idiosyncrasies of arranging charters for global rock tours, orchestras and film companies are legend. But, to us, it’s second nature. As well as flying some of the most recognisable names in the business, we’ve even arranged a concert at 35,000 feet.

    Our team can put together the most complex logistical package, make it look simple and – more importantly – make you look good.

    Tour Operators

    We arrange charter flights for tour operators around the world, transporting holidaymakers to destinations near and far.

    From summer sun to winter ski, our experience of working in partnership with the leisure travel industry to arrange bespoke flights for seasonal routes makes us the ideal choice for you.

    Making the most of your group aircraft charter

    With group aircraft charter, your flight is so much more than simply a means of getting from A to B. From VIP terminals to tailored in-flight menus, and from company branding to other personal touches, the sky is the limit when it comes to elevating your air charter experience.

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